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AUS200 or ASX200


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Hello, bit of a noob to IG and trading generally. I just wanted to know if the AUS200 is the same as the ASX200, as the rates appear not to correlate with each other. I have asked on a few finance forums, and never received an answer. Where do I find the ASX200 in IG?  Many thanks,   Chris Morgan

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Hi Chris, I'm a newbie so can't help, but can support you 🙂 I also want to follow the ASX200 but IG's Australia 200 values are different to the ASX200. For example today, the ASX200 closed at 5488 as per the asx website. It is also 1 hour after closure, so no delay in this figure. However, checking IG Australia 200 graph with 1 hour intervals, if I go to 3pm, it shows it closed at 5514 !!!  Also, throughout the day, it simply never matched. All I want to understand is whether or not it is the same thing.  Different prices don't worry me (as it is the trend that is important), but if it is something different to the ASX 200, then I need to know. Can someone enlighten us? Please???

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Hi Chargrill and many thanks for your reply Yes, thats why I was wondering about the price disparity between the 2, so was beginning to think they were two different things. Amazingly I have posted this question at quite a few different finance forums, and as it required a relatively simple yes or no answer, not one person replied, except your good self, of course.

So I can safely assume there is no ASX200 listing on IG 🙂

Happy trading, and keep safe!!

Cheers  Chris

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