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I forgot my IG account password yesterday, blocked the account, but seemed easily fixed, they emailed me a reset password link, I changed password and thought issue solved. Today however my access to my demo account API is blocked with the message


I have tried setting a new API password for my demo account, doesn't help. I've tried setting up a new API key for my demo account, also doesn't help. Is there some other way to unblock my demo account API access?

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13 hours ago, doart3 said:

Were you able to overcome this?Did you overcome this issue?

Thanks for your message. I had to go to IG support in the end, there is no way to unlock or reset a demo account password by self service like you can a live account, but yes IG unlocked the account for me and I was able to get back to development. Would be great in future if they can introduce a 'reset password' function for demo accounts also, to allow self service and take strain off their customer support.

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