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Subscription failed: -1 message: Insufficient permissions

Guest FSM




I am trying:

-using API companion (after successful login etc.), get historical data from ED.D.LHAG.CASH.IP. The response is:

HTTP 403

status: error

content-length: 75

content-type: application/json


    "errorCode": "unauthorised.access.to.equity.exception"


-using API streaming(after successful login etc.), subscribe to ED.D.LHAG.CASH.IP (Subscribing to: [MERGE][MARKET:ED.D.LHAG.CASH.IP][BID,OFFER]) The response is:

Subscription failed: -1 message: Insufficient permissions

This is the same for several SHARES in different markets, and so means that it is not related with short selling bans or anything similar.

Could you please help on that?

Thanks and regards.

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Guest Michael

I get the exact same error when I'm trying to get live prices for shares over lightstreamer. How can I get these permissions? Thanks!

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Guest Kevin

Hello, I've recently encountered this problem also. In my case, I used the epics from a live account and subscribed them using a demo account. It took me a while to noticed it. I changed the epics for the demo account and now I can subscribe already. Please check if the epic you're using is for Demo or Live account. Interchanging them might be the problem here. Hope this helps! :)

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Can somebody confirm that it is not possible to subscribe to any streaming data for shares? It seems like the only categories available for streaming are currency, indices and commodities.

Or do we require additional permissions on our accounts to access the shares data?

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