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Can't get last traded price from Stream/REST APi




I've just connected to your REST/Stream API and it looks like you don't publish the last traded price.

I can't get it historically nor via updates, why is this so?

({'pos': 2, 'name': 'CHART:IX.D.NASDAQ.IFA.IP:TICK', 'values': {'DAY_OPEN_MID': '8252.65', 'BID': '8137.3', 'OFR': '8140.8', 'LTP': None}},)
({'pos': 1, 'name': 'CHART:IX.D.NIKKEI.IFA.IP:TICK', 'values': {'DAY_OPEN_MID': '19004', 'BID': '19068.5', 'OFR': '19079.5', 'LTP': None}},)

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