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Leverage trading

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Not a professional trader, suggestions only provided, no advice given/implied, no liability accepted and all that jazz.

Set stop loss at a reasonable level to reduce margin requirements.
Trade in hours to reduce spread and margin requirements.
Margin requirements vary based on volatility.

Insufficient funds - look at the premium required at the base of the deal ticket.

Hope this helps.

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Every currency pair has a required margin required. like Thomasschmidt mentioned the value is located under information tab, to the right of the DEAL, ORDER, ALERT tab. You will not be able to enter most of the high volatile trades (no JPY trades) with £1000 on the IG platform. Your best bet is to trade on the MT4 platform. This will allow you to trade with a lower contract ( far less than 0.25) and also a tighter stop loss margin (which isn't advisable)  and consequently enable you reduce the margin requirement. 

Hope this helps1706962058_PremiumMargin.png.345197087d397fae55d779090ef1d0e0.png

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