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blocker - REST Trading API limits!

Guest qsc-sydney


Guest qsc-sydney

Hi IG team, community, 

I am reaching out via this forum as email/phone based support requests have gotten me nowhere and I feel others might experience the same impact to their trading.

All of my trade activity take place over the REST API, spread out over three different base currency CFD accounts. My apps are java/spring boot based, nothing too exotic.

The current API trade request limit of 100 calls per minute (https://labs.ig.com/faq#limits) is crippling me and stopping me from increasing trading volumes and accessing new markets, so much so I am looking at moving all of my trading to Interactive Brokers (who don't appear to have any API limits). Currently my monthly volumes are approx 25-30mil, but would easily be 3-5 times that if the API call limit was closer to 300-400 requests per minute.

IG team is there anyway the API call limit can be increased, either via feature or special request? Perhaps on a case-by-case basis?

- Further can a API call request increase be considered/urged with the technology teams as this is impacting users and inhibiting more trading volume?

Is there anyone in the community who has the same impact to their trading? Have you been able to resolve the limit issue or had it addressed by IG?

This is my last resort to get some traction on this issue before packing up and relocating my trading else where, there is a easy solution for this - one which would be a win-win for both IG and traders like myself.

Let me know;

Regards, qsc-sydney








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