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Hi all - am new to dealing & the platform so in advance my queries are somewhat basic so be gentle!

1. Is there a pdf or similar in using the site.  I have viewed the video and worked through the academy but it’s lacking sufficient detail for me. 

2. Can the ‘demo’ accounts be removed/turned off form my site. I just find it annoying sat there not used.

3. The crosshairs facilities to pinpoint values at a particular time.  Why is it not available on the mobile app platform?

4. Is there a facility to import an excel sheet onto the platform.  I have one set up outside the platform for running scenarios and forecast but thought it would be beneficial on the site?

5. Lastly trailing stops.  Unable to locate the facility on the mobile app to initiate?

Sorry again if I should have broken the above into individual queries or have asked a question already answered but IT is generally not my friend so any help appreciated.

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