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  1. Hi, Im using the share dealing app for shares and ISA. it appears that the profit and loss calculations do not include charges / commision for buying the shares only calculating the account value based on share price change alone. Is there a setting to change this? If not can you look into adding this as an option in settings as I find this does not tell me the correct info on my dealings? rgds smoke
  2. Hi, I heard on the news that Sky was having technical problems and thats my ISP. Strange that it is ok when I use my VPN. Just checked whitout VPN and all is ok now, thanks for quick reply. thanks
  3. Hi, today when i opened my account the pages did not update and it showed i had no value in my account. I tried to open the daily briefing but it only opened the introduction picture and would not play. I opened an ig comunity post but when i tried to sig in it did not and the connection timed out. Out of curiosity i opened my VPN connection on my PC and imediatley my IG comunity singed in and my IG trading updated as normal and my funds were shown. I rebooted my pc and loaded the trading site again but same, not updaing, I opend the bbc news website and it was updating and working as expected. I turned on my VPN and again the IG site started to work as expected. I am on PC with firefox browser.
  4. hi , think i found the answer. the IG live link does not load when i use VPN. using VPN this morning and IG live not loading, switch off VPN and IG live loads ok. rgds
  5. video loaded without changing anything.
  6. I have tried again and the video loaded ok. Could it be the time related? i was fiirst trying at ~ 8 am and every time got the error, loaded ok at 9:15 am
  7. Hi, last few weeks IG live has not loaded into my work space,. all i get is a busy loasing icon then blank screen, I use to get the error message as attached but now its just a blank screen. Am using windows 10 with firefox browser
  8. thanks for the feedback, graphs working ok now.
  9. When i open my trading accont and display my watchlist price graphs all works ok. I can switch between other graphs ok. After a period of time or a number of openings then the graphs do not refresh and I get a circulating arrow displayedd. I have to reload the whole web page to get the graphs to refresh and display. This has only started to happen this week, previously no problems at all.
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