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  1. Hi It looks like the only 2FA option available with IG is with using IG proprietary authentication app, am I correct? I would like to use a Yubikey or at worst, a phone number, is it possible at all ? Looking at the app review it looks like many people get locked out of their account which terrifies me. thanks
  2. Hi, just checked my pdf statement and cannot see a second dividend payment. So the dividend has been taken back from me and at higher price that it was given at first, essentially taking money from my account. I also compared my latest statement with the previous one to and can see the amount in my account down. Any help to understand what is happening would be much appreciated. thanks
  3. Hi Today I got a Dividend Payment from Endbidge Inc, and in the history I can see the same dividend payment being withdrawn back + some right after. Looking on this very forum I could see someone else this happened, and the reason for this person was that the dividend had been paid twice by mistake so the extra got taken back. In my case however the CONTRA amount withdrawn is slightly higher than the Depo amount - which I assume is due possibly by variation in the UDS-GBP price (its a very small difference) ? But then surely the amount taken back should match the price at the time the depo ? My other question is - if it is well the a double depo being fixed, how can I check this ? my history only show one depo and one contra. thank you ! NicoPang
  4. I'd gladly want to know this too. So far I am only either keeping an eye on the Transactions History in the app, where they are shown over a period of time, or looking in the pdf sum up received by email. But somewhere with a history tracking of all the dividend payments (only) over the past year or so would be very handy.
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