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  1. Does anyone know if i move as an example £100K from a bank cash ISA into an IG Investment ISA much as this year i can trade £20K within my CGT tax free allowance, what would i be allowed to do with the remaining £80K. are there any trading restrictions on cash accrued through an ISA wrapper or am i free to trade as i wish as long as i stay within the annual allowable ISA top up. I am currently looking to move a substantial sum of money from a bank cash ISA and into an IG Investment ISA but would not move more than the annual allowance f there were restrictions such as those potentially mentioned.
  2. Thanks Jacub So i can ask IG to contact my current holder and transfer the whole amount across. But what am i allowed to do with that total amount once in the Investment Account. Can i trade the full or part amount at my will and what would happen to any profits from the whole amount. is there any restrictions on non taxable or taxable CGT or would it all be exempt of tax as the monies all originate from an ISA wrapped fund. Note these funds have accumulated over number of years and where in an investment ISA but as i wish to withdraw from that lenders fund i placed the cash back into an ISA savings account until i transferred it back. Thanks MayLouise
  3. I am trying to find out if i move my cash ISA funds currently elsewhere and considerably more than a single year allowance. What can i do with it in an ISA investment account? Example £50K in a cash ISA transferred into an Investment ISA, I can invest £20K this year but what would happen to the remaining £30K. Is that classed as accumulated ISA monies and if so can that be invested immediately as it has always been held in an ISA wrapper.
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