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  1. Hi @AndaIG, May I ask why this is the case? And could the New Zealand data feed be enabled for L2 Dealer (DMA) on my account instead? Thanks!
  2. Hi @ArvinIG, Thank you for your response. I have sent the helpdesk a query three weeks ago (which has been logged as INC0567392) however the issue still seems to persist and hasn’t been resolved. Could you please take a look at my account and check my settings to ensure the New Zealand market is enabled on my account so that I am able to open positions on the New Zealand market? Thanks and much appreciated!
  3. Hello, I tried to search for a CFD in the "New Zealand" market and I can't seem to find it, this happens on both the IG app and browser (see screenshots below): I have also been recommended to activate the "New Zealand" (NZX) market data feed in my account settings, but I am unable to find the exchange on there (see screenshot below): . The IG website shows that stocks within the "New Zealand" market are active on the IG standard trading platform (see screenshot), so it seems this issue is potentially restricted to my CFD account only. Could the "New Zealand" (NZX) market please be added to my CFD account, otherwise any help or investigation on this would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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