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  1. Thanks all, I found the reason: I had an older version of Windows Powershell installed. I updated to the latest version, re-installed the autochartist plugin and now it appears in the EA list in Metatrader. I thought I was clutching at straws updating my Powershell version, but it fixed the problem. Hopefully this helps others too. Cheers Shannon508
  2. I already tried that and it doesn't work. I have been trying several things. The autochartist plugin installation appears to complete successfully, but does not even deposit any files into the C:\Program Files\IG MetaTrader 4 Terminal\MQL4\Experts\ folder, which is where the Expert advisor programs are kept.
  3. I just created an IG account and got MT4 platform up and running on my computer, and according to the IG website, Autochartist should be an option from the Scripts sub menu in MT4. However, it isn't there. I tried downloading and installing it separately from the Autochartist web site but that did not work. Why can't I see it in the menu?
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