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  1. Can anyone provide an update on this? @ArvinIG
  2. Hi, its tax time in Australia, wonder when will the annual statement be available ?
  3. Hi I am not rececing any pushed notification if I am submitting orders from IG web. However, it is working if the ordres are triggered from IG App. I raised this issue a while back but it still has not been resolved.
  4. Hi @ArvinIG, I just came across that notifications are received only when the order is submitted from the mobile app. Could you please advise how notifcations can be enabled in web version?
  5. Hi @ArvinIG, This is the screen shot. nothing (notifications, alerts, indicators, positions notification) is showing up except IG LIVE.
  6. Hi @ArvinIG I've executed 4 orders today and am still not receiving any notificaion.
  7. Hi, I tried on another browser and also tried to delete your cache and cookies, but it wouldnt work. Today, all historical notifications are gone.
  8. Hi there, Notifictions seem to have stopped working since 20/5 I executed a few trades on 22/05 and 23/05 but notifications are not coming up on the right hand pane as shown below.
  9. Hi, I have been advised that the 2021 annual statement (due to receiving complex dividends) will only be available in Oct. It is now approaching the tax deadline (30/10/2021) but it is still not available in the statement > annual section.
  10. Hi there, as you can see from the screen shot, the only statement available is last year 2020. Can anyone let me know when 2021 statement will be available ?
  11. Can anyone let me know when 2021 annual statement is available for IG AU ?
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