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  1. 1) Thanks for clarifying, but they're not unusable on all brokers' MT4 demo platforms, so presumably it's just an IG problem. Why don't IG just fix it? 2) If it's not fixable, is it possible for me to replace the history files with uncorrupted ones from another source? 3) My backtesting software makes trades during the 'blank' window (though obviously the data are there somewhere, I just can't see any detail). Do you know whether the results would be affected?
  2. My MT4 charts all go crazy at 23 March 2020. The first pic ends on 23 March. You can see that the ATR is starting to shoot off the scale. The next is one candle forward, where you can see that the price axis has shot up to show ridiculous figures and the earlier data has disappeared. The chart then flatlines, with a couple of bumps, to 10 May 2021, before everything reappears back to 24 March 2020. So, no data is missing, because the 'reappeared' data starts where the 'disappeared' data leaves off, but when I'm backtesting, the backtests take place in the flat area, meaning I can't examine those trades. I have tried downloading history, but get the message that no more is available. This happens with all currency pairs. I have MT4 installed with another broker, and this doesn't happen there, but it doesn't happen on the IG platform either. Any ideas how to fix this, please?
  3. Thanks Casey That sounds good. I won't worry about it until the time comes, then. Thanks for your help.
  4. Well, that worked. Thanks very much. When I come to trade live, I presume I'll have to make an MT4 account from My IG and fund it that way too, since there's no transactions facility on MT4. Will that account also execute only on MT4?
  5. Actually, I've mistakenly clicked the IG spread betting rather than the MT4, so I'm going to end up with two IG demos. I've got a couple of excess MT4 accounts as well that I've never managed to make work. Is there any way I can delete these? Annoyingly, the 'manage your accounts' page link I referred to in the previous post doesn't work - just throws up Javascript void(0).
  6. I've got as far as Your application is currently pending authorisation and will be looked at by a member of our team at the earliest opportunity. We will contact you shortly with further details. You can view your live and pending accounts on the manage accounts page. I've already got the MT4 platform on my computer, so I should be able to log in from there, with any luck. Thanks for helping (though if your CS was on the ball you wouldn't have needed to 🙂 I'd like to be able to trade from my laptop as well as my PC. Do you know if there's an easy way to synchronise MT4 across devices?
  7. I am UK registered! Live chat just say you don't offer one (on MT4). I already have a spread betting account on the IG platform, but IG's bet sizing policy (and their refusal to offer micro lots on CFDs) makes it impossible to manage risk properly unless I deposit about £50k. IG have a great platform, but they clearly don't want anyone but the big fish using it. Thanks for replying.
  8. Hi @Caseynotes. Is this the same with forex? That is **** low: reel you in to get you used to the platform, then Bam! - put you up to your neck in risk. Also counter-productive, because the IG platform is a pleasure to trade on, but if the only way most retail traders can afford to trade at IG is on MT4, then where's the incentive to stay around? I suppose that's the IG model, to chuck the small fish like me back in the pond. Making this forthcoming minimum hike clear on signup would at least have been the decent thing to do. To be honest, even though I was planning to make a five-figure deposit, I don't think that will enough to manage risk properly on 1 and 0.5 contract minimums. And even if it is, I don't think my cash will be coming IG's way now.
  9. Hi. I've been trying to set up an MT4 spread betting demo account, but live chat say you don't and never have offered this. Is this true? Is MT4 spread betting available on live accounts? Thanks.
  10. I have switched off 'Automated position edits - Receive a notification whenever a position is automatically edited' in My IG account settings, but left ' Automated deals/trades - Receive a notification whenever a position is automatically opened or closed' checked. Despite this, my inbox still becomes flooded with emails from IG Index stating 'Notification: ABC/DEF position edited', which are sent every time one of my trailing stops shifts. The only time I want to be notified is when a position reaches a stop or limit. How can I achieve this? (I do have 'Indicator alerts' switched on; is it possible that a trailing stop is erroneously coded as an indicator?)
  11. On the IG platform, I am offered the bet at 0.5 per point on several pairs, but I can't see how to do this with those pairs on PRT, where the minimum stake always seems to be 1. (This is a demo account, so I could always add more funds, or not worry about good risk management, but I'd sooner keep it as realistic as possible before funding with real money.) If I've already placed a 0.5 bet on the IG platform, then I can amend my stop or limit easily enough on PRT, so the platform can clearly be used fractional amounts. Thanks.
  12. I notice that if I want to add a limit order to an existing £0.50/point trade from the chart body, I can do so easily, so PRT is clearly capable of taking fractional orders.
  13. I am able to trade several pairs on the IG platform at £0.50/point, but the PRT (demo) spread betting platform seems to have no cash option at all, and no way to reduce the quantity below 1. Does this mean that if I want to trade below £1 a point I can't place my order on PRT? I'm trying to keep my demo account as realistic as possible by funding it as I would a real account, but £1/point will often mean risking too great a % of my account to set a sensible stop loss. Obviously, it's not difficult to have 2 platforms open, but it seems a bit unnecessary in the circumstances.
  14. You can certainly do this on the ProRealTime platform.
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