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  1. IG need to provide a stock screener, live scanner for volume/price movement, pre-market data, and rapid execution for private traders and rebate fees for trading view as they do for PRT, with traders who trade frequently. One can be ambitious and ask IG to provide a free platform like thinkorswim as Ameritrade does with current news stream - again a free rebate for access to Benziga or similar with rebates linked to the amount of trades. The money spent on IG TV perhaps can be spent somewhere else towards provision of some free resources to private traders/investors. The IG tv is a serious issue - do IG really think that IG TV add any value? Access to financial publications/sites might be a better thing. The effort of IG to provide its own academy, advice etc is and always will probably a poor quality duplication. Please learn/borrow from American brokers and now that their commission charges are Zero. PRT - Can that be downloadable. The web based form just slows everything down and very clunky and the charts are not elegant at all. They have a community and they do develop or help develop some strategies. We do not want to lose them. But a live screener /scanner please. I just realised that I do not even know if IF IT team even reads these comments or prioritise any of the suggestions. Please get rid of your IG TV investment, it is very annoying. And yes VWAP/anchored VWAP please on the charts. Give the private investors some of the rebates too. Is Charlotte, finally providing our redemption by talking these to the right eyes and ears! Overall, IG really is not that bad given others at least for UK investors. Perhaps just a less spread and less of that dreaded, sudden declaration that this stock is only for close and you can not open new position. I think that and the liquidity excuse is lame unless IG is beholden to a particular market maker or IG somehow gets it in a very large position by itself.