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  1. That's correct, the name for our company in Switzerland is IG Bank.
  2. EUR CPI was out at 10am GMT but will the US Retail sales MoM (out at 13:30 GMT) affect EURUSD?
  3. @TrendFollower- Thought you'd like this piece: https://www.ig.com/uk/news-and-trade-ideas/bitcoin-price-weakness-could-spark-wider-crypto-sell-off-191114 Let me know what you think and what you would want from our analysts. They love hearing what you want our community members are chatting about and are happy to invest some time and share their thoughts.
  4. @Paul2209- no problem at all. If you need anything in the future let me know by @ me into a post :)
  5. I know you have @dmedin 😁 I wasn't very clear from quoting you, the 1st paragraph was for you. The 2nd one was for everyone else hehe! I'm still getting to grips with how to post 🙈 I've just amended it
  6. There are so many people on community but I feel sometimes people are hesitant to post or not sure what they can post. It really is open to all trading ideas and questions. If you're wondering whether to get involved please do. Everyone is so friendly. Nothing is a 'silly' questions and every opinion is valued.
  7. Hey @Paul2209, thanks for you message. With our non-leveraged accounts and investment portfolios it's too hard to replicate them in a demo environment. We're looking to add some guides for Share dealing and ISA accounts when we release our new platform (early next year) but not a demo. With out smart portfolios we do offer a performance page if that helps: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/smart-portfolios/performance
  8. So, the community is a place where people can discuss their trading strategies, how the market is doing or ask for help. You have myself, an employee at IG, as well as all of the community members to support you.
  9. The news came out this morning about Germany avoiding a recession in Q3, however with such good news the Dax has still dropped this morning. We did also had an interview yesterday on why the indices may be dropping. Serge Berger is selling S&P 500 & Dax What is your gut and analysis telling you about the big Indices. Let me know your thoughts on the piece as well as if you agree/ disagree.
  10. Hey Guys, Our DailyFX Currency Strategist, James Stanley, has published a great piece on all the US news that came out this afternoon: I really enjoyed it, let me know if you do. Go to full article by clicking here.
  11. Thanks for your response @SGibbs2 We don't offer a statement that calculates your Capital gains tax. We're not regulated tax advisers which is why we don't provide that information. The CTC statements we do provide can be used to determine what CGT you have to declare.
  12. Hey @SGibbs2 thanks for your message. With non-leveraged accounts (Share dealing), you will be able to find CTC statements on the platform on the MyIG page by selecting Live accounts> Statement. If you can't find it there, open up the platform and select My Account> History> Statements. With leveraged (CFD or spread betting) accounts you will need to contact us and request them. Let me know if you need anything else by '@' me.
  13. We can already see the affect the inflation announcement had on the FTSE today at 9:30, but it's recovered slightly. We have the US CPI announcement today at 13:30 GMT. This is something to keep in mind this afternoon.
  14. CharlotteIG


    @dmedin- It's up for today so far, but will it stay up until close of business. Every morning has shown bearish behavior since last Wednesday. Could this potentially be the turning point and be a bullish day?
  15. @Tiffany- thanks for your fast response. CABA US – non-leveraged only for the moment, however it will be assessed for a couple of months then they may add it to leveraged. PGNY US – set up for both leveraged and non-leveraged account. The account you pick depends on what you want to do to be honestly. With share dealing/ ISAs you will physically own the stock and receive dividends. The commission for US shares on non-leveraged accounts is $15 or 2 cents per share (you will be charged the larger of the two. Further to this, you do have our custody fee on share dealing which is £24 per quarter. You can find out more about share dealing fees by following the link here. With a CFD account (leveraged) you are also charged commission per side which is $15 or 2 cents per share again on each side. When trading the Cash we also charge overnight funding. With these account you will only have to put down 20%-25% of the market value to open a position. With Spread betting you're not charged commission, you're charged spread. This means when you open the position you will be in an instant loss but the profit/ loss you make on that position can be realised as soon as you click close position. There will be no commissions. This type of account is also not subject to capital gains tax. With the Spread betting account, you can trade the cash which has overnight funding but you also have the option to trade a forward contract. This has a larger spread, and expiry date but no overnight fees. You can choose to roll forward contracts if you wish to used them and hold them long term. The option to rollover is on the MyIG page when you select Settings> Rollovers. Like the CFD you will only have to put down 20%-25% of the market value to open a position.