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  1. Hey, I've spoken to our shares desk and : We can set this up but it won’t be ISA eligible (as it’s US listed) and won’t be suitable for ESMA retail. So if you're either pro or non ESMA you will be able to trade it. Let me know if you are pro as we can still go ahead. If you can find a UK/EU listed equivalent it will be suitable for almost anyone. All the best, Charlotte
  2. Hey, Thanks for your post. Individual and corporate accounts are different things so if you want a corporate account you will have to apply for one. You can find the application here: https://www.ig.com/uk/corporate-accounts Sorry for the inconvenience but I hope this helps. All the best
  3. We can't confirm settlement dates at this time. Once the subscription is completed, PrimaryBid will send us a list of relevant traders to be checked and a settlement date will be agreed on then, to send the shares over to us. Also, we will not be offering a grey market on PensionBee. Clients subscribing to the IPO through PrimaryBid will only be able to trade once their shares settle on their IG share dealing account. I hope this helps clarify. If you contact us and provide an acc number and the shares you've purchased we can check for you and relay the information
  4. I can confirm Anton Liebenberg is the best person to reference for this however I would advise asking if an incident could be raised as others seem to be impacted. If you can it would be very helpful if you provide this forum: all the best
  5. Hey, When placing orders you can be hit with slippage. We assess the markets and change the orders minimum distance based on the volatility of that market. If for example you put the order to open 10pts away but then it's volatile and the market gaps 100 pts we will fill you there because slippage can happen with orders to open. We do it to protect people so they're aware of volatility. Apologies for the inconvenience but it's something our exposure and risk team constantly assess. All the best Charlotte
  6. Hey @mel12345uk, Great news about the investment We track the money and stock you put into your account every tax year. You will be able to sell the stock and buy more stock with it and we will know it's part of your 2020/21 bracket. It will not impact your 2021/22 ISA. I hope this puts your mind at ease
  7. Hey Tina ( @Lady1945) I'm so sorry for your loss. If you had joint access for the IG trading account you can call us and if you want us to close any open positions we can assist you over the phone. If it was your husbands account you will need to email us at helpdesk.uk@ig.com with your husbands will, death certificate, bank statement for executor's account we'd remit funds to. If the amount is over £500 with us then we'd also need grant of probate to release the funds. This needs to be sent to helpdesk.uk@ig.com. If you aren't able to provide all of this send what you can and
  8. Thanks for your post. Sometimes if you put in 3 incorrect passwords your account will lock. If you haven't got to 3 please change your password yourself on the website. If you've exceeded 3 you have to ring/ email us to get it sorted as we have to unlock it before you attempt to login again. All the best
  9. If this is a share dealing/ ISA account it maybe because the settlement period isn't finished. You may see something like balance x but your available to withdraw allowance is only £5. If this is the case, please know the settlement period works on a T+2 (T+3 for US shares) basis. This means the cash for these shares won't settle on your account the day you sold them but two (3 for US) working days. If you haven't sold shares recently, check to see if you have any working orders because funds are removed from your available balance. If this still isn't the case I would advise
  10. Hey, Thanks for your post. If you live in Australia you should have been opened with the AUS office which has an English platform. I would advise reaching out to us. If the account has been set up with China you may have to reapply. As there's so many options I would advise reaching out so you can get the help straight away. All the best
  11. Hey @Asdsp, I hope you're well. If you set a stop order to open, meaning when the market was close you chose a worse price than the closed market price (for example if the market closed at 9395, and you set the order to buy at 9400. It's worse because you're buying at a higher price) then when the market opened it jumped up meaning we were going to execute the order but the next available price would have been 9809. Your stops would have adjusted accordingly. When markets are volatile and you use an order to open you can be subject to slippage. If this was your first exp
  12. Hey, Thanks for your post. At quote means you can select the amount of shares or the money amount you want to buy/ sell for and you will get a quote directly from a market maker. On exchange means you will put an order into the market and it will sit on there until the conditions you set have been met. For example if you set a limit order to sell shares at a price of $100. Your shares will only be sold a $100 or better (for $100 or more). I hope this helps.
  13. Coinbase is currently still in its price discovery phase on the underlying exchange. As soon as its available to trade in the underlying market, you'll be able to trade it online and on mobile. Keep up to date with IG twitter handles: https://twitter.com/IGSquawk Use the right hand 'twitter feed' to keep up to date throughout the day. Keep an eye out on the platform - the yellow phone symbol will turn green!
  14. Hey, If you think your account balance is decreasing you can check the ledger history/ statements on the MyIG page> Live accounts. You will be able to see an account break down and see where these deductions are coming from. Alternatively you can email us at helpdesk.uk@ig.com and ask for a full account history breakdown in an excel file. All the best Charlotte
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