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  1. @DSchenkThe desk don't offer as many smaller cap stocks because there's not as many people wanting to trade the market and due to the price the amount being hedged is small. However I can see there is demand for these so I will speak with them and update you. I will also see if the minimum cap for US stocks can be reduced. The cap itself is only a guideline.
  2. Hey, You will be able to add two share trading accounts. You can add another by going to myIG> Add another account: I hope this helps, if you need anything else respond to this chat or relevant forum and '@' me in
  3. Mahmoud has his break out lines in place. Might be worth checking out his analysis for Gold. Let me know if you like it.
  4. Hey, thanks for your post. The minimum by card is £250. This deposit is instant however you can do a bank transfer for a smaller amount, these can take up to 3 working days to reach us. I hope this helps.
  5. @DSchenk, What is it's you're referring to, when stocks are unborrowable (meaning you can't take out short positions). If that's the case our desk set those restrictions due to us being at our maximum limit of short positions because we're unable to get any more borrow in the market. If you're asking about going long and short in a market, you can but both ways have to be tradable and you're not allowed a guaranteed stop on both sides. Not sure if I understood the question correctly so if you let me know if you meant something different.
  6. This is DailyFX analysis on Copper. where do you think it will go?
  7. Shares work based on the exchange they trade on. For example stocks traded on the London stock exchange will only be available to trade 08:00 -16:30 GMT. Most markets open Sunday 23:00 and close Friday 21:00 (FX 22:00). Do you have any specifically that you're looking for as there are some that have different opening hours?
  8. Thank you for that, such a great read DailyFX have writen a piece on Cable! 'From the daily chart, we notice yesterday, GBP/USD rallied to a higher trading zone 1.2965 – 1.3048. Today, the price has tested the high end of the zone.' The anallysts are thinking it will continue to increase. Do bear in mind the 'USD ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (Nov)' results are out this afternoon at 15:00 GMT, currently expected slightly lower than previous. Prev 54.7, est 54.5. GBP/USD Changes Gear & Jumps to Multi-Month High -British Pound vs USD Price We're not telling you which way to trade just giving you information using technical analysis and market news.
  9. This is only available to trade on leveraged accounts. No date has been announced for when this will start trading on the exchange.
  10. @Mercury - up slightly on Monday but down yesterday and today. Good spot!
  11. Hey @bucko, thanks for your question. Change is point change for the market that day. % change is the % it's changed for the day. If a market that was priced at £10 moved up to £15 by the end of the day, change would be 5, change % would be +50%. I hope this helps
  12. If they are too volatile and you hold the FTSE outside of 08:00-16:30 the spread will widen so that's a good strategy. Further to this, you can't watch the market through the night. I guess you could have your stops and limits in place to secure you but it's whatever works with your strategy. For FTSE all GMT: 07.00-08.00 08.00-16.30 16.30-21.00 21.00-01.00 01.00-07.00 2 1 2 4 3
  13. Hey @Ranyana- thanks for your first post. With Spread betting all markets have the fee incorporated in the spread. With CFD all markets apart from shares have the fee incorporated in the spread. With shares we charge commission. With Share dealing, the fees are commission. There are also other fees such as overnight funding if you hold a cash position. These can be avoided by holding a future/ forward market but these contracts have an expiry date and a larger spread. You can find a break down for CFD and Spread betting by clicking here.
  14. Hey @doney21, With share options you will need to call us to trade them and receive the premium. Our Spread betting options will have the cost included in the option price, CFDs will have a commission per side. With index trading, our charge is included in your premium. So, if you were buying one put option on the FTSE and the price was 5, your premium would be (5 x 1 x £10 per point) = £50. This is the maximum you can lose for this trade and IG don't charge you commission the fee is built into that price. I hope this helps. If you need me for anything else '@' me into the post
  15. I'm sure you've seen it this morning but it's now heading down. This is on the hourly time frame though so could recover for the day. Do you think this will recover or continue down?