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  1. Arvin, thanks for your reply. I understand slippage but with a Stop Order on a Long trade, surely the order should take effect when the price is at the Stop Level or at any price lower than this. Otherwise the Stop Order would not give you the protection you want. When slippage occurs it just means your trade is stopped at a worse price than you wanted. In the trade referred to above I saw the sell price drop several points lower than the Stop Level and stay there for several minutes before going back above it when I ended the trade. Ricardo
  2. I had a position on the Boost FTSE 100 3 x Leverage Daily ETP in my ISA account and created a STOP order which was accepted and showed up in Orders but when the sell level dropped below the order level it didn't trigger. Am I dong something wrong or is this a problem. It would also be nice to have a Stop order and a Limit order on the same position like you can in Spread Betting but it seems to be just one or the other.
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