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  1. Hello everyone! I have encountered a problem with account creation process. I created my account more than a week ago, after I left my old broker and withdrew the money. And now my main problem is that even with all documents showing up as verified and checked (as in uploaded screenshot) but my account is still on PENDING status... So far my experience with client support has been very poor, mainly because I have called the support number at least 3 times and every conversation ends with a promise that my account manager will contact me during the day, and thats it - so I wait and nothing, not even a message with details about the delay etc. So it is starting to feel like they are just trying to make up excuse to end call with me. I had read that you can try to use Live chat to activate acc faster, but the live chat does not appear on site, when Im visiting it - tried every browser there is on my PC, but nothing. As for now I am sitting on cash for more than a week and I havent been able to trade, because I cannot deposit on pending account, so here I am waiting for something to happen, so I can finally start trading... So maybe anyone have some alternative solution that can speed up the acc creation process?
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