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  1. Thanks so much Arvin, have managed to resolve and had both my accounts unlocked. All the best, Cam
  2. I have contacted the helpdesk again to say they are onto it so am just waiting for a reply.
  3. Hi all, I have the same issue where I'm getting a 401 response with a '{"errorCode":"error.security.client-suspended"}' This WAS on my DEMO credentials (must have been during my integration build, whoops. I did get everything working with my LIVE credentials though) I since contacted the helpdesk.au@ig.com to share the error code and request they reset my DEMO credentials/account so I can access it .. Helpdesk.au@ then asked if I was using the right credentials (of course I am) .. So I ran a couple of tests using my LIVE credentials to share with helpdesk.au@.ig.com to demonstrate that if you use the right credentials, you actually get a different error.. i.e. you get a 403 error: - of '{"errorCode":"error.security.invalid-details"}' if you use the wrong password - of '{"errorCode":"validation.pattern.invalid.authenticationRequest.identifier"}' if you use the wrong username and password - of '{"errorCode":"error.security.api-key-invalid"}'' if you use the wrong API key but the right username and password In doing so and helping helpdesk.au@ by demonstrating these different codes vs. scenarios I've now locked myself out of my DEMO account - per my original request (which was probably a whoops on my part), and now my LIVE account through using these credentials to demonstrate to them what the error codes are and what they mean. For noting, I've been using my LIVE API credentials for 2 months now with no issue (so I know my integration is robust) but wanted to get access to the DEMO account to test my automated strategies before deploying into the LIVE environment. Can someone please help ... I'm not sure that helpdesk.au@ understands the issue (and I mean no offense, just doesn't seem they have documentation to support the difference(s) in error codes etc. and what this code means they need to do at their end?).. Thanks Cam
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