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  1. Hi A suggestion which would make life a lot easier for us please. Please add commission amount to the position or history flyout pages. otherwise we need to go back to details transaction each time. same happens for exchange commission as well. can you please also add commission to Position Opened and Closed emails please. it would be great help to get a clear picture and understand my real position. thanks, Sumanta
  2. Hi @ArvinIG Many thanks for replying. Not sure what I am doing wrong here tried with only F as well - didn't work. on google Thanks, Sumanta
  3. Hi @ArvinIG sorry to tag you (as no one has answered this for a long time) I faced the same issue - not able to find this stock and a few others like Ford Motors etc. is this also related to demo account? once I upgrade will I be able to access all these stocks ? Please help. again apologies for tagging you. just trying to take a decision. Thanks, Sumanta
  4. Hi @ArvinIG I am still using a demo account. don't see the same options in the settings page. Do I need to upgrade to live first? please help
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