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  1. just noticed the candlesticks moment for shorter timeframe on live seem more delayed than previously…so wondering if the shorter time frame charts (below 1min) are any use at all if they are not in real time?
  2. demo has been fine until today….cannot go to demo account, it was directed to the real account automatically tried logging out, closing the tab and still didnt work… is it the same issue with the server for demo account ? thanks
  3. it happens on workspace on website too..deleted cookies, new browser, turned off all apps and activity and reboot device..still happens..sometimes every few mins …sometimes after few sec. Even all of the above was done
  4. Yes. Happens in both safari and chrome. I use the charts.
  5. I have noticed that the IG page has been refreshing/reloading itself once every few min. It is happening with both demo and trading accounts. Even after using a new browser and logged out and in again. It can be very disturbing at times. Anyone noticed the same?
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