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  1. I am trying to call IG API to retrieve historical price information of Microsoft but getting below error. https://demo-api.ig.com/gateway/deal/prices/UC.D.MSFT.DAILY.IP/MINUTE_5?startdate=2023:10:23-09:00:00&enddate=2023:11:27-23:55:00 { "errorCode": "error.public-api.exceeded-account-historical-data-allowance" } How can i know more details about how much allowance i got and allowed please?
  2. Hi @OfentseIG With the amount of bugs going around, it is getting really scary for me to us real money. Today on the back of OPEC news, i have put two trades in demo account. One on Exon and another one on Chevron with a stop loss. I left them there for some time but suddenly at 13:00 they got just executed at stop loss price although open,close,high,low is way above the top loss price. Same thing happened for Chevron. I know it is just demo account but would have been lost a great opportunity with real money. Please could you investigate what happened here and let me what can be done to avoid this? I haven't done anything from my side and sell happened at stop loss price although price candle with open,close,high,low way above stop loss price. Best Regards
  3. This is fixed now but getting a different error when i am trying to place order in pro real time "dealing is not available on charts at this point of time" Please can someone let us know when this problem will get completely fixed.
  4. Getting below error when trying to access prorealtime Error in IG : /ExternalWebServices/UserWS/V1.0/UserServicePlease contact IG Support to resolve this issue.
  5. I activated prorealtime for my demo account around three months back and it suddenly disappeared now from my demo account. I tried to activate the same by going to settings section but it is throwing an error. 'Server errorAn error occurred while activating ProRealTime. Please try later.
  6. Hi, I am practicing certain strategies in demo account. I have created few screeners but when i tried to buy or short sell different stocks shortlisted based on screener conditions, i am getting different kinds of errors. Some stocks you can buy but can't short-sell and so on. I searched in the forums and i understand different restrictions such as market cap should be so and so. Are these rules defined somewhere? for e.g. one forum reply says market cap should be above 10 billion otherwise you will get second message in below list. However even i try to short sell a stock that has £30 billion market cap, i get the same error. 1. IG is not accepting opening trades on this market, you may only place an order to close. 2. Market you have requested is not longer available online Any suggestions on the above will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I can able to see and do pre and post market trade certain stocks such as Microsoft. However i am unable to see pre and post market trade on certain stock such as upstart holdings. However, i can see in yahoo finance that a particular stock such as upstart holding is down or up before or after market hours. How can i put or sell stocks holdings pre & post market hours for stock like upstart holdings please? Thanks in advance Vijji
  8. Hi All, I am new to IG and trying to short sell Microsoft shares but i am getting an error when in click on sell and sell button is disables. Can anybody throw some light on this please?
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