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  1. If CFD margin is increased during times of volatility, by let's say 80% to 100%, my understanding is that this would only affect new positions and not existing positions. The previous margin requirement (20%) applicable to existing positions will not apply irrespective of the increase.. However, if I were to open a new position, then the new margin (100%), would apply going forward. Is this the correct understanding?
  2. Hi Arvin - Yes, with great delight. I hope the system issue has been rectified and will not occur again. Whether it was human error or a systemic issue, it can have far reaching consequences for both the client and IG.
  3. I have experienced a similar problem, but different in a way. The IG platform is displaying a materially wrong P&L balance (loss position) and triggering a margin call. The P&L total at the AUD level does not reconcile with the total of all position AUD balances. AUD P&L balance is off by more than $1100. I've taken screenshots to show this anomaly and contacted IG.
  4. IG platform is displaying an incorrect P&L balance on CFD accounts and issuing margin calls. Add up all P&L balances on all open positions and it will be out by more $1,000, compared to the balance shown in the summary page or app. could this be resolved?
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