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  1. Can you advise Index FUTRE is entitle to dividend or not As you always provide the weekly adjustment. would it be applicable to FUTURE index or only cash INdex. Is it same rule applicable for Future (DFB) Share or only in special case
  2. Can you explain about US FANG Trading Price and HIGH/ LOW . how would you have been the trades of Professional Client.
  3. It has been observed the the Price of FANG Index by half percent is higher than other Spread Betting Platform Is it Normal or Pricing Problem like last time happened : Can I know the IG Compliance Contact Number .
  4. Dear Hope your are well. it has been observed the Prices of FANG Index by half percent is higher then other Spread Betting Provider Platform. Can I know is it normal or again some problem in pricing like last time happened. can I know the Compliance Contact Number or
  5. Can I Know the New Policy regarding New Order Limit in FANG Index during 21:00 -9:00. Although I have Professional Status but Order limit is 2 Lots. Please Reply
  6. Hope you are well Its Looks That your dealing Team is Busy in But Mean While FANG Index Has Been Updated Fall by 6.11%
  7. I have been Observing the FANG Index is trading above four Percent in IG Platform with High Spread Premium from others Platform . I had Called but they said the difference in calculation of Methodology and Dividend Premium Can I Know the Methodology and Dividend Premium detail
  8. Dear As I Bought the Crude Oil contract for £1 and IG charges the £26.50 for two days charges can you tell me where it is written that you charging method. Charging method is Admin + libor But chnaged in night charged the £13.25 per day overnibght charges. Can you guide me Can we Complain to FCA over overcharges
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