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  1. Ahh that's interesting - I suppose right now there may be some gain USD/GBP exchange rate. Also, regarding the holding of currencies. Is it possible to hold USD and others on the standard stocks and shares account on IG. I just ask because IBKR doesnt offer ISAs but you can FX trade and hold multiple currencies to purchase stock denominated in other currencies?
  2. I don't understand how the currency gain plays out if you hold USD denominated shares since I should have a massive gain on my account given the fact it is a GBP account (and you dont allow us to hold multiple currencies like IBKR does)
  3. Ah perfect thanks. It would be nice in future if there was some indication on the trading screens that this was happening like a pending notification or sth. Thanks for the help,
  4. I own both GSK PlC and GSK ADR. GSK PLC - I owned 111 shares before demerger GSK ADR - I owned 27 shares before demerger GSK PLC - I own 88 shares post demerger + 111 Haleon Shares were added GSK ADR - I owned 21 shares post demerger + No Haleon Shares added Could be wrong but what has happened to the haleon I should receive?
  5. I still haven't received my Haleon shares. I should have received 27 shares for the 27adr GSK that I own. I just have 21GSK shares and no Haleon.
  6. You can edit book cost on the app and change the cost basis there for your GSK shares. I just used orginal purchase price times fewer shares then assumed cost basis of opening stock price of Haleon as purchase price.
  7. Thanks so much. I'll check at 14:30 today then.
  8. I have a lot funds in Cash ISAs that are doing nothing. I would like to transfer these funds from a cash ISA to a stocks and shares ISA on IG. I dont want to lose the wrapper. Is this possible on your platform? How do I do this?
  9. What will happen if you hold GSK ADRs ?
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