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  1. Thanks for the comments and reference to the old post from IG. Looking at the detail today, it looks like IG have updated their numbers to now show 12.123m and compared to the data shown on the exchange site is a little short. https://www.londonstockexchange.com/stock/WMH/william-hill-plc/company-page I would be good if IG could confirm the data feed for piece of mind, as this could affect some people's analysis.
  2. I have seen the same problem with this today in WIlliam Hill - IG is showing 1,940,470 traded today, but LSE is showing 13.5m traded today, with 3.67m of that done after hours in one block. https://www.londonstockexchange.com/stock/WMH/william-hill-plc/trade-recap TradingView is showing 12.904m in its data, so far better from an analysis pov.... Perhaps IG only show what they have transacted that day...
  3. Thanks for the help. I had a read through, but it wasn't any of the items listed on this page. It did however push me in the right direction - my Bitdefender security software had disabled some of my browser permissions, which i have now reverted.
  4. Hello, I currently have an issue moving from My IG Dashboard screen to any of my live or Demo accounts. When I click on "Open New Platform" button I'm redirected to a page which fails to load any data. The webpage keeps getting stuck at - https://demo-deal.ig.com/wtp/ Can someone please advise. Thanks.
  5. I have posted the Charts section about this previously citing issues with HSBC, Glaxo and Flutter Entertainment, but have not seen any update on either post. Seems to be a common issue with their charts - mine were seen in my share dealing account and not spread bet / CFD accounts.
  6. Can you please also check the pricing on GSK - seems all over the place.
  7. Hello, I'm seeing a pricing issue on the FLTR chart on the 3rd April (in my share dealing account). The low appears to be 69.8, which is quite a way below the 52w low. I saw and raised another similar issue in the HSBC chart - oddly, both issues saw the low price hit the 69 mark (69.73) and occurred on a Friday. I'm hoping it doesn't have anything to do with a full moon, as we have one today..... If you could please investigate and advise. Thanks. TR
  8. Hi @CharlotteIG Is there any update on the above thread - I can still see the pricing anomalies in the chart. Oddly, I can see another issue on Flutter Entertainment PLC which appears to be very similar to the pricing issues above. I'll post a new thread on this. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, Relatively new around here and I wanted to get some input from members on how people go about performing sector analysis on markets (UK based stocks). From what I can see this is not really possible using the tools that are available on IG (pls correct me if I'm wrong) and maybe better suited on some of the other platforms / websites / tools out there. I'm looking to use a top down approach to stock selection based on a performing sector rather than pure stock picking based on individual stock setup. Ideally this would mean assessing the higher performing sectors, relative to the main index for a given market, then selecting appropriate stocks in that sector. For example, Tradingview has a page which shows the sector information, but there isn’t a way (that I know) to see this information vs FTSE100/200/350 etc. https://uk.tradingview.com/markets/stocks-united-kingdom/sectorandindustry-sector/ Any help or push in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. ok great. Thanks for the follow up. Interested to hear what this issue was.
  11. Thanks for the response. See the chart below:
  12. Hello, Can you please advise why massive price spikes on the 18th Feb and 13th March? I'm seeing the below data in my chart (web platform) in the share dealing account: 18 = 741 / 549.50 / 569.10 / 552.10 - HLOC 13 = 481.35/69.73/465.77/463.10 - HLOC 52w H/L are nowhere near the mentioned levels. Thanks
  13. Hello, I'm a new user to IG and currently trying to explore some of the functionality on the web based platform. I'm looking to see if there is any functionality which will allow me to overlay multiple instruments in one chart. For example, I would like to overlay some UK sector indices vs FTSE 100 to assess relative performance. Thanks.