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  1. Hi, Seems there is an issue with data displaying on all charts in the web platform and on the Android app. It appears there is no data from the 29th March through to 12th April - there is just a large gap of no information between the said dates. Anyone else noticed this issue? Thanks.
  2. Managed to get hold of support via the chat this morning and they confirmed my suspicion. This is only for new client creating a TV account and opening an IG account. This is currently the business relationship with TV at the moment and it will not includes links to execution. It was hinted by the user that there was "more to come in 1-2 years" with TV....so it seems we can not worry about this thread for another 1-2 years...
  3. Reading the T&Cs it appears that current users of IG and TV are not eligible for this offer. It would appear that this is a new account drive for IG prior to the official launch - I say that as TV has not listed IG as current enabled brokers. https://uk.tradingview.com/brokers/ If this is the case, it would seem a real shame as I'm currently a Pro+ TV user and would meet the IG trading threshold.
  4. Have a read here....the numbers in the example are pretty close to the situation you have above. https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/money/tesco-shares-falling-numbers-share-consolidation-scheme-ask-expert-explained-910519
  5. @CharlotteIG - any help on this one? Another user has raised the same issue on a separate thread also. Thanks.
  6. I think this issue has been raise on the web based platform previously, so really looking for an update as to when this issue will be fixed. As you can see, the chart is pretty much unusable due to the printing of a high of 9 million on the 7th April - obviously some sort of fat finger and nowhere near the market that day.... This consistently occurs on a lot of charts and really does make the whole user experience quite annoying. Thanks TFFX
  7. I have never had any issues previously via debit card. There are a few steps needed though - check below: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/deposits-and-withdrawals/deposits/how-do-i-deposit-funds-into-my-account
  8. A quick google search came up with the below. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/market-details/what-are-ig-s-easter-trading-hours
  9. Hi Charlotte, Thanks for the post. One point of clarification - Who can participate through Primary bid? I understand that there is an allocation of £50m for Deliveroo account/app holders, which will allow users to apply for 250, 500, 750 or £1k worth of shares - this has been defined by Deliveroo. The above post appears to imply this is open to IG share dealing clients in the UK, but does not mention you need to be a Deliveroo client. Can you clarify if this is leveraging the Deliveroo client allocation or is this is a separate allocation given to institutions for their retail clients? Thanks, TFFX
  10. If you are looking for lower cost to trading / investing and unhappy with IG, then you should probably look elsewhere. There are some providers out there who offer commission free trading (albeit with monthly account keeping fees) and can offer fractional shares - these may be more suitable for your requirements. IG (and all brokers for that matter) are a volume based business and need their account holders to be active to maintain their accounts / platform - they still need to keep the lights on, even when nobody is there....
  11. Take a look at Stockopedia. It is a paid service which sounds like it will cover what you are looking for - in the scenario above, has metrics which ranks the stock against its industry / sector peers to give you an indication of earning, profitability etc. It is primarily a fundamental service which has its own stock ranking system/algorithm and enabled you to run screens / scans on various ratio's or fundamental parameters. I use it myself and it has been pretty good so far. The cost may be seen as a little high for some (it could be made back with a few good trades), but the breadth and depth of info is good.
  12. This is due to the FCA reigning in crypto trading for retail clients. There are a few other threads on the crypto forum where IG have advised/responded. Take look and you should find your answers.
  13. The ironic thing is that people were unhappy with the stock being shorted at ~$10....imagine the displeasure at the thought of people now having shorted it from $400 because of this pump and dump, knowing this would crashed sooner or later...
  14. Thanks for the update James. I appreciate the further explanation and the increased capacity comments, but it does feel somewhat counter-intuitive that in order to increase your service and stability, you have had to reduce it by restricting functionality on just two stocks (and relevant CFD/SB). What happens when these two are no longer flavour of the month and some new stocks come into the spotlight? Do we have to suffer three consecutive days of degraded performance until these stocks are then restricted? If the markets have taught us anything, it is that this will happen again and putting out spot fires in this scenario is rather self-perpetuating. I had no interest in either of these stocks, but was annoyed when I couldn't access the platform to transact on local markets. For my interest (and perhaps others), it would be good if you could share metrics of usage – usual vs last week, to understand how ‘extreme’ last weeks activity was.
  15. I haven't come across one as yet which has as much breadth of coverage as the SA does (mainly due to the amount of contributors to the site). I have been using Stockopedia for as few months for the Uk company data it carries, along with their stock ranking algorithms and fundamental screens. It's paid content and doesn't quite have the community contribution that you get from SA. The operate in the same area of the market, both offer quite different products. If you haven't come across it, you should have a look and see if it is what you are after. They have a free trial period and referral discount scheme.
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