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  1. I have received your email just now, i have reviewed it. I my respectfully disagree with the response provided as it fails to address ALL my described platform issues. I have emailed in my response with video of the platform locking me out for 50 mins, which i was able to get on screen record. This video shows and demonstrates the exact problem that has now occured 4 times. 2 times it led to loosing potential gains as i couldnt close the positions in green which i wil locked out. 3rd time bot allowing me to close my position sooner leading to massive losses due to price dip. The second email i sent on 1 Sept, (while i waited for the response from the first email of 20 Aug), has not been responded to also. Can you please check this? Thank you.
  2. I have just checked my email (and junk) i have not received any replies. Please can you forward again? I have been checking every day since 20 August, the day i emailed IG. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your reply, as i have mentioned in my past, i already emailed 2x 5 weeks ago, i have not had a response from your team.
  4. I have contacted IG about this ongoing issue via email, have not heard back, it's been 5 weeks. Mobile platform: The prices stop updating, account balances disappear, happened 3 times, for about 30-50 mins, around 13:30 to 15:30 uk time. During this time, markets were open and my trades exposed. Lost gains and unable to close positions resulting in massive losses. IG have failed to provide satisfactory service. I wish no longer to trade with this company and ask that money is returned.
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