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  1. From a previous poster, GinoForex913 Members 2 Posted July 16, 2021 Greetings IG traders! The main teacher I've learned my trade management strategy from (NNFX) suggests the following: take two "half" trades based on your desired risk, both with the same stop loss, one with the first take profit the value of the ATR away from price, the other trade with no set take profit. When the first TP is hit, you move your SL to break even and let your trade run until your system tells you the trend is finished. I have tried to set up this management system in MT4 but both trades are automatically given the same TP, so letting the other trade run doesn't really seem like an option... I have learned you can close out half of your lots to take profit, but my issue with this is that you have to physically be on the charts to do this. Does anyone know a method that US traders can use on IG's MT4 platform where you can effectively set two trades on a pair where one closes automatically at a set TP and the other can run? Or if this isn't an option are there alternative methods that can achieve the same result? Thanks and happy trading!
  2. How do I set up a trade where, 1. I take profit at a certain level 50% of my position size automatically. Without me looking at the chart. 2. If possible, immediately stop to break even. If this broker cannot do the first one, then I guess this broker is not for me.
  3. bro, ive been looking for the answers. You're a genius. Just use the IG platform, very smart
  4. Is there a way in which I can exit automatically a portion of my trade when it hits 1 Take profit with out me manually exiting?
  5. I am currently trading on demo. How do I trade each order separately. I opened 2 positions on 1 pair. Both with same stop loss. Trade 1 has a TP, but Trade 2 will not have a TP. What happens is, every time i modify 1 order, either trade 1 or 2, it automatically changes the other trade. Does this happen also on live accounts?
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