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  1. Thank you @KoketsoIG but why was this not enabled when it was added? Do we have to request this each time we ask for a new security to be added?
  2. Hi, You recently added this instrument for share dealing but I cannot buy it in my SIPP due to the error: "Instrument Not Tax Wrapper Enabled." Please could you resolve this as it should be available for both ISA and SIPP? Do you not do this by default or is this just an oversight on this occasion? Thank you.
  3. How much longer is LSE:OIHV going to take to get set up on your platform please? It has been over 2 weeks now since my request. Please could I have an update?
  4. Yes please, as per my original request.
  5. That is what I just told YOU. I never asked for OIH to be added. I asked for OIHV with ISIN IE000NXF88S1 to be added.
  6. Please can you add this stock as we CANNOT trade the existing REMX Market Vectors stock in our ISA or SIPP. Name of stock - VanEck Rare Earth and Strategic Metals UCITS ETF Name of Stock Exchange - LSE (London Stock Exchange) Leverage or Share dealing - Share Dealing Ticker - REMX ISIN - IE0002PG6CA6 Country of the stock - United Kingdom Market Cap - 105M USD
  7. The share I asked to be added has the ISIN: IE000NXF88S1
  8. I notice this has been added which CANNOT be held in my SIPP or ISA:
  9. TDIV has now been added! BLOOMING lovely, thank you so much ladies and gentlemen.
  10. As the USD is counterfeited printed by the government and banksters into oblivion the last man standing will be gold - the only real money. 💰 Peter Schiff and Chris MacIntosh (Capitalist Exploits - a SUPERB newsletter by the way) are both very positive on gold and commodities as the USD inevitably gets destroyed like the Zimbabwe Dollar and the Reichsmark in the Weimar Republic. I trust governments 100% - to lie about everything and abuse their exorbitant privilege to fund their friends with counterfeit fiat money currency.
  11. This will continue until all forms of transport run on solar panels and wind turbines. Oh hang on, how is that going to work? Have I been infected by the Climate Change Cult?
  12. @CharlotteIG why is this manual currency conversion option not available in my SIPP? I saw a few months ago it was available and then it was taken away again.
  13. Hi, I received a nonsense response when asking this by email so I will ask it here again and hopefully get more sense. Why can we not write (sell) Covered Calls and Puts in our ISA and SIPP through IG? Is this a nanny state restriction or an IG one? Obviously there is no point telling me to open a CFD or Spread Betting account to do this because then my Calls would not be "Covered" would they? Please IG if our corrupt nanny state does not disallow it could you enable Options (just for covered calls and puts would be fine) in ISAs and SIPPs and if not then would this be possible through an offshore account such as in Dubai? If yes to the latter then how do we do this? Do you have a link? Thank you.
  14. This KiiD business is a right pain!! I left Interactive Brokers over this issue with REITs. Why can brokers not apply common sense and ignore ridiculous regulations that make no sense whatsoever? It is our money (not according to the banks I know) so as long as the share / ETF is on a regulated exchange why can we not invest in it? Is the solution to open an account somewhere like Dubai that isn't a nanny state? Has anyone done this from the UK?
  15. Hi, Am I missing something or is there a hidden way to add a daily position change and daily price change column to our Position Views? This would appear to be one of the most basic columns to have available but I cannot see it to add it. If this could be added that would be most helpful. Thank you in eager anticipation.
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