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  1. I've made several trades, both as spread bets and CFD's on Dow Jones mini's. They show up in notifications and the running P&L shows the right number but NONE of the trades are showing in the 'positions' which means I can't close them. Several winning positions have now been lost as a result.
  2. I have placed several trades that aren't even showing, and one, which I've tried to close with a profit, that keeps saying 'sorry, an unexpected error has occurred please call etc.' Having tried to close with a profit, I'm now losing! what on earth is going on?
  3. I've made several trades to buy the dow Jones e-minis, they're not showing, in my lives trades OR history, but they do show when you select the detail from the top right. I can't sell them to book profits!
  4. Client sentiment data has been missing for almost two weeks now. It's not there for indices, FX or commodities?
  5. Why are the spreads on the DAX and CAC four times their normal size today?
  6. My CFD Demo Account is showing a £4029.46 deficit, but I haven't actually got any live Trades? Can you check this out please and remove the deficit. Thank you
  7. My CFD demo account has a deficit of £3931 (at this moment) but I have no live trades running????
  8. Same for me; it hasn't updated since mid-last week?
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