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  1. Hi, sent a message to the helpdesk on Thursday and have not received any response. I Have also sent seveal logs to the helpdesk to assist them in debugging the issue. This seems rather sloppy for such large trading company. It almost seems that my business isnt wanted. I appreciate that its a period when some people are on leave but I would expect some response after 3 days Is there any other team that can assist
  2. Hi, I have recently opened an account and downloaded the level 2app, However, I am experiencing several issues. Many of the shares (such as BAE systems) dont appear to be selectable on the system. Even when I find the stock in the dictionary, I am unable to slect it and bring up any information. Right clicking the mouse brings up a menu, with all the options greyed out. On the L2 screen, rather than seeing the buy/sell bid prices with the amount of shares, I see a bid/offser spread price and dont see the amount purchased/sold. I have re-installed the app several times, with any change. I reached out to the support team but havent had any response for a day, which is rather poor. I was planning on transferring my SIPP to IG, but my concern is that the system is rather flakey, and so I am hesitent to do so at the moment. Any pointers would be welcome
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