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  1. I created a live account because I needed an API key to test the API connection from the demo and I noticed some changes from the dashbord. So I assume some functionnalities between live and demo accounts are very closed, maybe for technical reasons. I gave another try then, and the setting of virtual money worked as expected : So, either the IT support has already fix the issue or setting the virtual money needs the live account to be created (which is weird and not so clear).
  2. Hello, I just have faced this issue today because I only set a demo account. When I started the live account creation, the panel with the API settings appeared.
  3. Hello, I have recently created a demo account. Executing orders seems fine, but when I try to set the virtual money I got an error after 10 or 20 seconds : The error on the screen means : "An unexpected error occured. Please, try later."
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