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  1. Yes, I was on the chat about this, got most of the money back but not exactly the same amount as the FX currency changed. As its not my fault the FX rate change since last week, they need to return the exact amount (independently if is higher or lower depending on the FX rate). There is another issue as the money remains in "unsettled credit" so I cant withdraw yet. A progress but with still issues to resolve. I never received an official email from IG explaining and apologizing about this IT severe issue. I don't have any trust left to keep trading with IG at this point. It will really depend now in how they resolve this and if they came up with some kind of compensation at all.
  2. Yes, I would have expected hundred of upset messages!
  3. Totally, it could have been any amount. My concern is the lack of info from IG, If I'm not chasing constantly.
  4. hey! Thanks, so it not just me only. It happened on the 16th of April. Still never get a reply via email I sent. Yesterday they said it will take longer than expected to resolve the issue, could be by end of the week, so tomorrow but they didn't sound very confident. I don't understand why they cannot refund the money in the meantime.
  5. I had about £4,500 disappearing from my account due to a IT glitch from IG. I've called on the same day I noticed the issue and they said they didn't know the reason but they would call me back the following day for an update. I never get a call back. I've sent a recap email to help-desk and never get a reply or even an automatic one. I'm only getting some updates via the online chat, they acknowledged the issue and they were looking into this but the time frame for the resolution keep getting delayed too. I understand technical issue can happens, from airlines IT to UK Banks too but the way IG is handling this entire situation by hiding and not openly communicate make things even worst. No need to say my confidence in IG went down the basement. In what confidence I can still trade with IG if one day another glitch make duplicate trades with money going leaving the account. On top of not being able to trade until I get my money back. I do require a written communication back from IG to acknowledge the situation and confirm the money will be refunded and also what are their plans to avoid this in the future?
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