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  1. Hi, Would it be possible to have two separate spread bet accounts on the same ig account ? Basically im looking at using another trading system and would like to have a separate spread bet account with its own account balance that does not affect the other. Would this be possible ? Thanks, James
  2. I trade only two ETFs (VOO & VEU), could someone from IG let me know what the new margin rates will be for these. Also the 50% cut off, I only ever have a maximum of 25% of my whole account margined at one time, is the new stop out rule based on overall account or on the trade ?
  3. I closed down two trades yesterday for the first time on the new platform, but im having multiple errors on the P and L breakdown screen. Both trades had been live for a month and they are showing as opened and closed on the same day i closed them. Both trades were long trades and are showing as shorts. The funding and borrowing cost section is showing 0 and ive be paying interest costs on both positions and need to know them otherwise im not getting a true profit/loss showing. I cant send you the opening or closing reference numbers as the codes are unreadable. So the P and L breakdown screen is totally useless the moment. Any help sorting this please, or i will have to move my money to a new platform that can manage this.