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  1. If you want to know what the mechanism behind what the world has seen in the last year then it is worth looking at a little reported incident that occurred in Eluru India on December 5th 2020. It was thought that this was due to pesticide contamination and is given as the cause of the outbreak. In fact this is a classic case of what is known as MPI or Mass Psychogenic Illness or more commonly Mass Hysteria. Replace the pesticide explanation with Covid and you have a mini example of what has occurred across the globe in 2020. So no, it was not a conspiracy of big tech and Governments
  2. Of course we know why it "crashes" because they're making money (on balance) while it's down. This company has been going for years and we're still expected to believe that they still haven't sorted out their computer systems for times of market volatility?
  3. To all the Covid hysterics out there I am a Paramedic of 19 years and working on the frontline since Covid began. I have seen NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING that would give me any indication there is a killer virus out there. I have seen ONE patient who MAY have had severe Covid but could equally plausibly had a number of other known conditions such as Sepsis, heart failure etc. The usual replies are “you’re a liar”, “you should be sacked” I’m a fantasist etc etc I’ve literally heard them all but I am telling the truth, there is nothing out there.
  4. Forget the vaccine, there is only one known treatment and cure for Covid and that's for all adults to read Charles Mackay's 1841 book "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" Then you'll understand what is happening in 2020.
  5. This is no conspiracy, it's just the biggest outbreak of mass hysteria since the medieval witch trials. I'm not sure who killed the most but the ICU deaths must be quite substantial by now after the ventilation 'treatment' by the doctors (with a 50% mortality rate) for a virus with an IFR very close to the flu. Maybe dunking in the pond would have been more effective. By the way, I'm a Paramedic on the frontline and have yet to see just one unequivocal covid case. Not one. Explain that?
  6. Today around 4400 infections and 17 deaths. That's a mortality rate of 0.39%. The last time infections were around 4400 was May 9th with 461 deaths and a mortality rate then of 10.5%. Why the whopping 96% reduction in deaths in only 18 weeks? It can't be masks, the infections are rising, it can't be a vaccine, there is none, it can't be any new treatment as the treatment has remained pretty much the same. Then maybe it's "mutated" to become less deadly? No, virus's don't go from deadly to benign in 18 weeks, look at the ordinary flu virus, the death rate for that has consistently stayed
  7. Don't worry, I have never traded UK stocks, I only trade US stocks. The UK has never produced an Amazon, facebook, Microsoft or Tesla and probably never will do.
  8. IBD still saying 'confirmed uptrend'. They called an uptrend on April 6th and I use them for timing tops and bottoms but I am cutting some of my more profitable positions.
  9. Great stuff, Casey, you're spot on in your view that C19 is the biggest load of BS this century. I'm a Paramedic and have been telling anyone who would listen (and there weren't many!) that the real illness affecting the world was MPI or Mass Psychogenic Illness and NOT C19. I've worked during this 'pandemic' and have yet to see any evidence that C19 is a deadly killer though still the vast majority of the medical profession is convinced that C19 is deadly, a grave danger to public health and we've only escaped by the skin of our teeth due to the heroics of the scientists,doctors and poli
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