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  1. Ranking US Indices ETFs YTD.
  2. Makes sense though doesn't it, you only have to look at a chart to guess where the stops are, if you are big enough and you want those contracts it's just a matter of taking one step backwards before taking 5 steps forwards, you rarely need to go back further than 20 ticks.
  3. Yes I saw this this morning and was hoping David would give an update, did he already pull the plug on it only to watch it come back. It was a terrible dilemma and one he was trying to avoid and the whole point of the algo in the first place. The Gold short went $3800 into the red on a 10k account and the algo didn't look like closing out, that's painful and far too much risked, but to close out to prevent further damage and then watch the market turn and come back would be a double blow. He said he was going to wait and let the algo do it's thing, no matter what he can't have any finger nails left.
  4. I think if you collapse the quick user interface it also takes away the trade info, see below;
  5. If you are putting in an order you need to add a trailing stop from the positions tab after the order has been triggered.
  6. I thought it was funny but can't help thinking 'Millennials'.
  7. BTC at 'fair value' according to this pricing model;
  8. Can't remember but does it not automatically cut out the personal data stuff on chart Save? see below;
  9. Copied from another thread, useful advice for this one too.
  10. Not much on the European open, Dow flat below the pivot while Dax positioned just below it's pivot, red daily candle for both yesterday and bears currently controlling the pivot so target is S1 but waiting for the London open to check direction for the morning.
  11. You start a demo account from the mt4 platform itself. File > Open an account, a popup box will show the IG feeds live and demo, click on demo to highlight then Next > New demo account and follow the instructions.
  12. Yes the inventory short fall in the data yesterday cause a lot of surprise and a jump in price. WTI has just reached an area of previous consolidation in March and May so may well pause here and consider it's options. Oil traders will probably want to look closely at the US GDP figures tomorrow and the G20 over the weekend before making any big bets so the possibility of a turn around remains. Your stop is in a reasonable position at 60 and if price were to overrun it up into clear space you really wouldn't want to remain short anyway.
  13. All the indices pulling back yesterday, should find support fairly close while waiting for the G20 meet and US/China talks starting on Friday. US Durable goods data today, have remained poor all year so far, expected at 0.1%, the real tester on the current state of the economy will be US GDP data tomorrow.
  14. Indices down USD up, Bonds and Gold down Oil up, Cryptos up, BTC up 12% chart. German consumer conf 7:00am. UK inflation report 10:15am. US durable goods today 1:30pm.