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  1. Caseynotes


    Good lift off the support level 7542 mentioned in last post, steady gain throughout the day, may get a further boost this afternoon on a strong US open on the DOW. Daily and 1 hour chart.
  2. Hi @JamesIG, checking my profile and I seem to be on some kind of backwards time loop, it's telling me I joined last week, which unless my memory is going I'm sure must be wrong.
  3. Caseynotes


    Dax and Euro look set for more bad news with the German IFO business report on Monday 9:00 AM. Forecast for low score for 3rd month in a row. https://www.livesquawk.com/members/german_ifo_jun_18_business_climate__-_preview
  4. Caseynotes

    Welcome ex UKX members

    Hi @GuavaTree and welcome, I take it the new 3i discussion board still has it's problems and remains thoroughly disliked. Surprised they couldn't migrate the old threads and posts, they were obviously well liked and supported. The first posters on this thread were on our old board which has undergone a recent revamp similar in looks to the 3i one tho this one seems much more user friendly and has all the old threads. The poll Day_Tripper is running on the 3i board looks pretty damning.
  5. Caseynotes


    AUS200 looking for another breakout, DAX considers getting back inside the range, DOW looking for support while Nikkei looks to the topside. Daily charts;
  6. Caseynotes


    Bitcoin sliding back down through 6405 after topping out at 6810. Next level below is the prior low at 6107, then the massive 5896. Daily chart;
  7. Caseynotes

    Enable Notifications

    If you find in your notifications settings page on the new community that 'browser notifications' are disabled go to your browser settings to enable. If on chrome go to chrome settings, follow the steps below, in the blocked list find 'https://communityig.com and click allow.
  8. Caseynotes

    Demo question on profit and loss

    Hi @Astrochamp, the commission is the cost of the trade while the margin is the minimum amount you need in your account to open the position and may be expressed as an actual amount in £ or as a rate in %. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-are-igs-shares-cfd-product-details https://www.ig.com/uk/spread-betting-cfds-margin
  9. Caseynotes


    Going back down to retest 7542 after the BoE rate decision and mon pol statement. Saved there on Tuesday by prior resistance and the rising 100 ma on the daily chart. 1 hour chart.
  10. Caseynotes


    It does doesn't it though we have strayed from the technicals and wandered into fundamental territory and everything is spinning on every Trump tweet. But all else being equal (putting aside the trade issue) and given the overall good state of the US economy all the main indices should be drifting up out of this period of consolidation. He does know how to play them and he could turn it all around in a day if he gets some sort of deal, the EU are talking tough but actually giving way such as dropping their own tariffs on US car imports. But the big levels always matter and any breach takes some effort to undo and a drop below 12544 puts us back into a prior range who's bottom is indeed around 11800.
  11. Hi @Situation, it's not really surprising this one comes up so often as it's so easy to get spun around as you just found having given the correct answer first time then getting mixed up, I hope all my posts don't get vetted. To get into a trade you need to buy the ask or sell the bid. To get into a short you sell the bid. To get out of your short you need to do the opposite and buy the ask.
  12. Caseynotes


    Dax falls hard on escalating trade war news. Down 150 points on the day and retesting the range bottom again, bulls looking to hold 12544.
  13. Can this story in the FT even be true? Demo account mix up, billion euros worth of orders, 10 million up on a 20,000 euro account before realising the trading was live. https://www.ft.com/content/46eff974-7470-11e8-b6ad-3823e4384287
  14. Caseynotes


    I have been keeping an eye out on twitter but any sort of rebellion there seems to have died out a while ago, not sure where you could search next as there doesn't seem to be any sort of ongoing campaign to join but good luck all the same.
  15. Caseynotes


    @Medusa123, no disrespect to the sentiment but the twitter protest has been and gone some 6 months ago. I think people realised this is what the EU does, that esma is just one of the many tentacles growing from the body and that the Brexit cause was the one to fight for. But even that might not be enough, more articles on how US companies are having to bow to the myriad of EU regulations. https://www.financemagnates.com/institutional-forex/regulation/asset-managers-say-mifid-research-unbundling-will-expand-us-asia/