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  1. Hi, yes though you can have a separate USD account so you are not changing back and forward all the time.
  2. For longs you pay the daily interest fee but often for shorts you receive it, minus the admin fee. For longs you are borrowing money to buy the contracts, for shorts you are borrowing the contracts to sell for money. Stretching my memory here so don't mind if I get contradicted but I think shorts go negative (same as longs) if there is backwardation in the futures market.
  3. Hi, I think the deposit factor is used in the calculation for the margin amount required for opening the trade the same as margin factor would be used so presumably is expressed as a percentage as well. Margin is also called deposit margin. The margin factor for indices on spread bets is 5%, I think for US stocks it's 20%.
  4. S&P continues on towards 3138 (monthly R1). Dax and Dow waiting at the daily R1. FTSE and S&P daily charts. Dax and Dow H1 charts;
  5. Indices and Oil up. Gold, Bonds and USD down Today US employment data and PMIs.
  6. Hi, the IG expiry date is based on the LIFFE exchange dates. (see pic for info) For exchange expiry dates I think you want to be searching this site; https://www.theice.com/products/38716764/FTSE-100-Index-Future
  7. in the immortal words of that great philosopher Elon Musk; If you don't make stuff there is no stuff!
  8. Stats taken from a recent YouGov poll; 43% of Brits say they are "enjoying" the lockdown. 25% say they're not. 53% think the lockdown is being eased “too fast”. 11% think “too slow”. 58% think pubs should not re-open. 35% think they should. Yes, they're enjoying virtual house arrest.
  9. I don't know the answer but I know he's not the cause, Soros and CNN and the Democrats have been sowing the seeds for years.
  10. Look at these ******* white supremacists arrested for rioting in Arizona on Saturday;
  11. Soros has been funding these groups for years and watched them become increasingly radicalised, not even news any more.