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  1. 13 - twice. See below graph taken from the 'Trade Planing and Testing' thread.
  2. IT'S COMING. You will be vaccinated. World Economic Forum plans 'NO COVIDPASS - NO TRAVEL.' https://www.technocracy.news/covidpass-technocrats-lust-for-mass-submission/
  3. FTSE S&P daily. Dax and Dow H1. Dax M15.
  4. Indices up. Bonds and Gold down. Today UK Jobs. Ger econ senti. FX correlations
  5. Just to remind you there was and is no pandemic. As shown in previous posts the 5 year rolling average of deaths from flu and associated pneumonia is around 35,000 per year in the UK (NHS data) so this covid year looks like being just above average. Always the seriously ill end of lifers. But the distribution curve is standard so a few others are caught out every year. Also posted above, of the 40,000 who are listed as dying from flu (covid) the total number of healthy people under the age of 60 who died was around 250 (no pre-existing conditions, NHS data), sad but also about average. Meanwhile the cost of Lockdown is still ahead of us, govt reports estimate over 200,000 deaths from undiscovered health problems (missed cancers, heart problems etc). There will be the collapse of thousands of businesses and millions unemployed once the govt handouts cease. And the loss of liberties, you won't be getting them back any time soon as Johnson says the second flu spike around Dec/Jan/Feb could see 10s of thousands more flu deaths. Yes, about 35,000, - the ***** rolling yearly average! You've been had. Still, lets keep this farce running now the masses are cowered and completely subservient.
  6. A strong charge going into the weekend, a sure sign of bullish confidence. S&P H4 chart;
  7. Hi, if you are on the Share Dealing platform some exchanges don't offer stop loss orders so need to put a sell order in after you have bought the shares. SB and CFDs are leveraged and you need to apply for a separate leveraged account to trade them on their respective platforms.
  8. NFP a beat but indices pulling back from early gains;
  9. The top row A is the relative strengths of each currency, strongest on the left to weakest on the right when the snap was taken. B is the strength difference between the pairs and C ranks them from largest at the top to smallest difference at the bottom. So the top 4 all have a Diff of -4.4 but when spread is taken into account the the best trade was calced as Short (red) gbpusd. A look at the chart shows that this is not new news but given that the correlation table updates every second is worth keeping an eye on. Equally important is knowing which pairs to stay away from, those of equal strength and just going sideways.
  10. yes, he's taken control of the international pharma industry and is now using the head of a US govt department (Fauci) and the fawning MSM to create a fake pandemic and falsely discredit a cheap effective medicine to make way for his new expensive one. Criminal mastermind might be a better description. No wonder protesters are shouting 'Jail Bill Gates'.
  11. Gates in one of the interviews posted above says he expects the need for at least 10 Billion vaccine doses. HCQ at 60 cents a tablet or a new vaccine at $100-$500 a shot 🤔
  12. Hi, which platform? Trailing stops not available on the Share Dealing platform but are on the leveraged (SB and CFD) platforms.