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  1. Caseynotes

    New: Knock-outs

    @LeoTrader, would you mind reproducing the main part of the email here (blocking out any personal detail). I definitely haven't received anything from IG about it. Cheers.
  2. Caseynotes

    New: Knock-outs

    Thank's @LeoTrader, I've not had that email yet. That may be what's happened to @jasonlal's attempt to trade them today.
  3. Caseynotes

    Taking profits too early?

    @Mitchell2012, that narrows it down, maybe @TrendFollower & @rimmy2000 can help out. When to get out is just as important as when to get in as your web search indicates, do you look to a target or rather rely on a stop to get you out? The trend followers tend to prefer staying in for as long as possible and using some kind of trailing stop which means losing a bit of profit at the end but capturing as much of the move as possible. This is an interesting short video on using stops. (don't worry about the 'sorry' sign, just click the blue 'watch on vimeo' tab).
  4. Caseynotes

    knockout Maximum Risk Price

    Made a very strong bullish open today but has been flying about all over the place ever since and unable to make up it's mind, as seen in the 5 min chart below. Look out for the US open at 2:30, the Dow may give it direction.
  5. Caseynotes

    Taking profits too early?

    Hi @Mitchell2012, that's a pretty big question and if you were looking for answers that you could use for your own trading it would help if you narrowed it down a bit. For example the type of asset/market, the chart time frame, the trade duration estimation, the risk/reward you were seeking. An intra-day trader is going to give a very different answer to that of someone more interested in investments.
  6. Caseynotes

    knockout Maximum Risk Price

    Hi @jasonlal, it maybe because the Dax has been particularly volatile today compared with the last several weeks.
  7. Hi @vend33, I'm not sure which account you have opened and so the pics below may differ but on most account types if you go to 'My IG' dashboard you should find several blue 'add an account' buttons. Then select ISA, then ISA account type.
  8. Caseynotes

    Charts are so slow

    Hi @PZ, if you look back through the thread you will see others with similar problems have resolved them, are you saying none of the above fixes have worked for you?
  9. Caseynotes

    Trump tweets OPEC "Get prices down now!" - EMEA brief 21 Sep

    The Trump 'who to upset next' check list; Mexico - check, Canada - check, EU - check, UN - check, China - check, OPEC - check, Iran - check, Turkey - check, the Clintons - check, all Washington politicians (the swamp) - check, ... So much to do, so little time.
  10. Caseynotes

    Trump tweets OPEC "Get prices down now!" - EMEA brief 21 Sep

    Trump shows he is not a politician but a businessman yet again, he also pointed out in the same tweet that OPEC was operating as a cartel and that many of the big OPEC states were dependent on the US for protection (which should not be taken for granted). So much for diplomacy but the point was clear and bound to make the OPEC states think.
  11. Caseynotes


    All four indices pushing higher with the Dow breaking it's all time high at close yesterday. The Dax and FTSE have been in close correlation on the small time frame charts this week. 4 hour charts;
  12. Caseynotes


    Hi @Mrk1977, IG don't have mirror trading aka social trading. It is an interesting subject and there are comparisons to Bot trading. Oanda recently abandoned their mirror trading scheme, I was following this via David Jones's regular reports over a couple of years, what transpired was the problem with consistency in changing market conditions, just like Bots. You would regularly see a trader doing well, working their way up the ladder, and then suddenly fall off a cliff. It seemed people have the same problem as Bots, they kept on with the same strategy that had worked well in the past in spite of changing market conditions that was now causing it to fail. Another problem is the compromised position between lead trader and the broker as they have entered a financial relationship which can adversely affect the followers. The broker after all is in it for the increased trading volume. Interesting article here on the next new thing 'robo advisers'. https://financefeeds.com/social-trading-dead-apart-one-smart-company/
  13. Caseynotes


    Dow closes just piping the all time high.
  14. Hi @MSEdge, essentially you are correct. During periods of high volatility on any asset the availability of a guaranteed stop is withdrawn and as a limited risk account must have a guaranteed stop the order will be refused. Bear in mind though that it is only temporary and can change throughout the day so worth repeated attempts.
  15. Hi dcs.ama5, You can find out more from the link below. I think though that you need to open a CFD or Spread Betting account to trade shares with an API and testing is done though the CFD or SB account's demo platform. https://labs.ig.com/