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  1. Hi @John_W124, if you are with IG Australia the link to the info page on transferring shares is here; https://www.ig.com/au/transfer-shares-to-ig
  2. ok @ckc, I think you're right, there seems to be a disconnect in the dollar value input box, maybe @JamesIG, can check up.
  3. Interesting new stock screening site, over 5500 common stocks listed. Click on Screener tab then 'advanced mode' tab for very long list of indicators to add. Also has some interesting themed pre-set screeners. https://stockrow.com/
  4. Some stats for Easter Thursday % gain/loss since 2002. dax, stoxx, Ger bonds, euro, es and keep an eye on oil in the US session.
  5. Just to point out you need to be logged in to get the full page including the sentiment data.
  6. BoA fund manager survey on global economy turning up;
  7. US indices still hanging around the highs with nowhere else to go. Dax has the Ger PMIs to look forward to at 8:30 am and EU combined at 9:00. US retail sales at 1:30 pm. US Flash PMIs at 2:45 pm could be interesting. Dax and Ftse have dropped under the daily pivot and currently revisiting support on the M15 charts, wait and see if these levels hold, may see some unwinding of positions today before the Easter break.
  8. Hi @ckc, You'll need to go to 'File' > 'Open an Account' and just open a new demo account. As in the pic below in the pop up box with your personal details you need select SGD (instead of USD), the deposit is auto'd at 100,000 and set the leverage. If that doesn't work increase the USD amount.
  9. Hi Stefan, sounds like you might be a decimal point out there. The margin is easy to look up on the online platform demo because it's worked out for you, so for fx a £0.5 size on eurusd the margin requirement comes in around £188 for just one position. On the mt4 order ticket the size is called volume, on the spread bet mt4 account it means £/point. I think the decimal point shifts depending on what asset class you are trading and I haven't used it for fx. Pays to have a play on demo to fine tune it.
  10. @LeoTrader, thanks for that,I hadn't even noticed.
  11. @eloronz, you are correct that up coming public holidays can affect volatility as there can be reluctance to open large positions just ahead of them. Easter is a two day break for most of Europe so additionally so but not a holiday in the US so you may see markets pick up on the US open.
  12. Philadelphia semiconductor index takes off, sign for the Nasdaq ahead?
  13. @dmedin, the classic options are still on the old platform, go to your 'My IG' dashboard page and see the dropdown box on 'open platform' button, see pic below.
  14. @nit2wynit, I pulled this video on using IG options (on the old platform) some time back for another thread, it may be of some interest to you.