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  1. Caseynotes

    Christmas Rally 2018 thread WIP

    Can't see what the problem is here, @psycho has researched a topic the results of which back up previous stats and for some strange reason you guys are calling it a 'myth' 👹. Recorded historical data is not mythological. Or are you saying the math is mythical? Are the gains stunning - no though probably averaging around 2% since 2000 is not bad, would you bet the farm on it - no, is it guaranteed - of course not, but historically the math points to a generously positive probability. In refutation please don't forget to show your working out.
  2. Caseynotes

    Online Platform: bar length

    Hi @PhiloBeddoe, Yes, if you click on the 3 dots tab then 'show' > HLOC then hover the curser over the bar.
  3. @Mercury Yes, it's the percent change in the total value of inflation adjusted sales at the retail level month by month issued by the Office for National Statistics, it's the primary gauge of consumer spending and is released monthly whether good or bad.
  4. Monthly UK retail sales 2005 to Nov 2018. Doesn't really tell a lot on longer term trends.
  5. Hi @london, surprised you haven't found a better broker yet, how long have you been looking now, about 3 years isn't it?
  6. Caseynotes

    Changing Time on Cash Chart

    Hi @PhiloBeddoe, the time zone on the web based platform is set by the broker same as mt4 and can't be changed. See the reply to similar question on this thread (click on arrow in link header);
  7. Caseynotes

    IG MT4 and trading 5 day week charts.

    Hi @Hiren, as with any MT4 you are stuck with the timeline set by the broker, the alternatives are to switch to the Prorealtime platform which does allow switching to US time zone and so cuts out the UK 2 hour Sunday candle as does the web based TradingView platform which you could use for charting while using the IG MT4 for dealing. Sounds like you might be on the Nial Fuller course, not too many others see it as much of a problem, you might lose some patterns compared to the 5 day chart but also gain others.
  8. Caseynotes


    On the daily charts and Nikkei sets the pace continuing on the upward leg so looking for Dow to follow and Dax to tackle resistance at 11048. Ftse has got itself up over the 6850 resistance level and will attempt to use as support for a push higher. ECB rate decision 12:45 and another boring Draghi presser at 1:30.
  9. Caseynotes

    China to cut US car tariffs from 40% to 15%- EMEA Brief 12 Dec

    Yah! can now post twitter vid content not just youtube stuff (probably could for ages I just never noticed), just in time for this speeded up graphic of the Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rate change 1990 - 2018.
  10. Caseynotes


    Actually now you mention it where is the 'report post' tab? I know there used to be one but can't see it now, I can see the 'share this post' icon tab top right corner but there is nothing next to it.
  11. Caseynotes

    China to cut US car tariffs from 40% to 15%- EMEA Brief 12 Dec

    Tory leadership contest is on and it's today, MP polling starts at 6 pm, result expected around 9 pm. Neither Ftse or GBP seem to care, as yet.
  12. Caseynotes


    Nikkei continuing the rally overnight, Dax and Ftse looking to clear immediate resistance while Dow hoping for a run up to 24805. The Donald suggests he may let his hostage go if China come to a deal' https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-huawei-tech-exclusive/exclusive-trump-says-he-could-intervene-in-u-s-case-against-huawei-cfo-idUSKBN1OA2PQ
  13. Caseynotes

    Platform freeze 10/12/18

    Hi @Sunny Days, which platform and about what time? Didn't notice anything on mt4.
  14. Caseynotes

    Potential 'Long' Gold Trade

    Best of luck @TrendFollower
  15. Caseynotes

    Potential 'Long' Gold Trade

    The 1243 was the resistance level to beat since mid October and having finally got through looked to retest that level yesterday and looks to be using that level for support today. Daily chart;