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  1. Next up Phase II 🥳🥳🥳 lol.
  2. China confirms agrees deal;
  3. He signed the deal last night, the WSJ claimed the deal involved a massive slashing of tariffs, that was what Trump claimed was fake news, he said they needed to find a better leaker.
  4. China press conference live; http://www.reuters.tv/l/Pltw/2019/12/13/china-s-state-council-holds-newser-on-us-china-trade-talks
  5. I'd be concerned that the bulls had a go this morning but couldn't manage any follow through and have now let the bears push price back down through the morning's buying level (1.3356). So from here I'd want to see the bulls take back control to rally price back up around 1.3400 and then see a pullback before looking to enter. They really should have done a better job on the first effort.
  6. China may have one more trick up it's sleeve. China commerce ministry to hold a press briefing at 2 - 3 pm GMT (10:30pm local time so must be important).
  7. Ha, got the last post in just in time. (just spotted the last post should have said 'hasn't' signed yet)
  8. Slight cautionary note going into the weekend is that President Xi has actually signed the phase 1 deal himself yet.
  9. yes but you would have needed to block out the relentless calls of an imminent bear market and coming recession all through the whole of 2019. If you wanted to play the long term and could just focus on the charts you would have been fine. Valuable lesson.
  10. Dow currently breaking out into new highs;
  11. For these big highly volatile events you need to use orders placed in the market before the event, all orders are handled on a first come first served basis so market orders (instant buy/sell) will be dealt with last and so suffer the biggest slippage of all if they actually get filled at all. More likely is your market order will be rejected as price has gaped so much by the processing of all the resting orders queued before it.
  12. Pin bar on the M15 off the pivot and at the monthly chart resistance level (Purple).
  13. which is all very similar to the more recent histories of Russia and China towards which Corbyn would have lead us, a lucky escape then.
  14. The markets are supposed to react to presidential and central bank initiatives.
  15. you missed he last line. "They're all in the same party."