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  1. most likely another con. every 3 or 4 years a naive reporter is duped into giving air time to a con artist who on the back of this monster publicity of fake then becomes a mentor to 000s of wannabies charging them 5 grand a month each. though only a few months ago the Daily Mail did the same for Gurvin Singh https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7856121/Instagram-Forex-trader-Gurvin-Singh-GS3-Trades-scams-1-000-victims-3million.html rinse and repeat
  2. Hi, yes there is both Fib retracements and extensions for IG charts in the Drawings menu.
  3. Hi, you should see IG's options offering (OPT) on the demo platform left hand side of screen just below ETF.
  4. Hi, sometimes the full history doesn't load on first time chart startup especially if the market is closed.
  5. He probably picked it up from Richard Wyckoff who started working on Wall street in 1888, wrote the book Studies in Tape Reading in 1900 and started The Magazine of Wall Street in 1907. Of course the Wykcoff Method remains in use to this day and describes the market far better than anything since. Fibonacci I abandoned years ago as I found it doesn't really belong on charts. Everyone can draw their charts just as they like of course and the one I posted looks just fine to me. My line about TA is king was very tongue in cheek as I place more importance in fundamentals than any ABCDEFGHIJKLM pattern anyway.
  6. Still another 8 years of bull market to go, yaaay. It must be so coz everyone knows TA is king.
  7. I still haven't figured out how you choose direction, still seems to be the art of second guessing plus lots of hope. Try using some tools might help, I did explain the slow and fast wave in sync approach that might help, I remember you weren't impressed but it does work, just need to get your uppsies and downsies in alignment. that
  8. There hasn't been an update for a while, would be worth repeating the question through the week in case the post gets buried over the weekend.
  9. you're welcome. @cheviot is quite right in the above post but this question comes up often on a Friday afternoon or Sat morning when peeps realise they are a bit more exposed than they are comfortable with going into the weekend and are looking for a temporary solution. The better alternative would be if IG offered a short term guaranteed stop but otherwise it's worth taking out a simple hedge, an equal and opposite trade so your overall PnL stays even no matter what so there will be no nasty surprises on Monday morning, no good surprises either but at least you can sleep. If you miss the Friday the alternative (if available) is to keep a close eye on the weekend market and do the same there if necessary. Then on Monday reassess and decide which one to close, or both.
  10. Very much a Friday profit take and get out just in case whatever over the weekend. If already down and seeing there are good support levels not too far below I would probably be inclined to hang on as the mass exit was planned and those wanting out for the weekend have likely already done so. Might be worth taking out a short for a hedge for over the weekend just in case though.
  11. hi, it's not an indicator it's a screenshot from cotbase.com
  12. there you go, you should do all your trading with your eyes closed 🙂
  13. Was looking at this earlier and is a good example on how to read Heikin Ashi charts for reversals. A doji signal candle (colour not important) and entry on a flat topped red candle for reversal down (flat bottomed green candle for up).
  14. Zerohedge suggesting a large European fund initiated the sell off yesterday on the Frankfurt close which sparked US continuation. Ftse suffering and is down into clear space while Dax looking to hold at 13639 and S&P at 3348 though may test yesterday's low at 3336. Dow has a prior support level just below at 28892. Monthly flash PMIs today which is the early call and so having the most impact and may well be affected by the virus concerns. Could be a very interesting day 🙂