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  1. Caseynotes

    Daily Chart

    Hi @Klloyd58, if you click on the time frame label (marked in yellow in the pic below) the drop down box should appear.
  2. Caseynotes

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    Interestingly volume has dropped away this week compared to previous though need to wait for today's bar to complete for the full picture. 57.83 at the mo.
  3. Caseynotes

    Potential 'Long' Gold Trade

    US Global Investors @USFunds 12h South African gold output fell the most in six years, with production declining 31% from a year earlier. For many decades the nation was the world’s top #miner by a wide margin. Get our weekly recap of the #gold market tomorrow afternoon: ow.ly/UpaX30nMJr2
  4. Caseynotes


    Hi @scorpione, have a look at this IG educational page, https://www.ig.com/uk/options-trading and see follow on pages (see pic).
  5. Hi @Marte, IG specialise in brokerage rather than analytics though they do have company info and analysis and it does dig deeper if you have an account and are logged in. For pure company background information you are probably better off with an exchange web site such as the LSE or a specialist analytical site such as https://uk.tradingview.com/symbols/LSE-BARC/ for example.
  6. Caseynotes


    Nice example of why Support and Resistance is the King of indicators. Below is my Dow chart from December 4th where 26069.6 made it's first appearance as a struggling young H4 resistance level, over time he worked his way up through the ranks to become the Weekly resistance level. That hard work and diligence has paid off as yesterday he received the recognition so rightly deserved when he was tagged and saluted to the tick. Brings a tear to the eye.
  7. Caseynotes


    Dow tags the weekly resistance level 26069 then pulls back to settle on recent support 25761. US - China talks continuing giving drip feed news this week and into next, no major break either way as yet. Dax sitting on daily chart resistance turned support 11387, to the up side is the weekly resistance level 11569 while on the downside daily support level is 11242. Watch out for German GDP numbers 7:00 am today. Yesterday we saw lower PMI figures than expected pointing to lower GDP figures, GDP Q/Q forecast at 0.0% and Y/Y forecast at 0.9%. German IFO business climate data at 9:00 am and EU CPI data at 10:00 am. Indices daily charts, Dow H4.
  8. Caseynotes


    "The NYSE Advance/Decline (AD) line made another new all-time high yesterday. This is a very good sign, as market breadth tends to lead stock prices. Also, breadth breaks down ahead of major market peaks. Yet another clue that this bull still has some tricks up his sleeves..." Ryan Detrick, CMT @RyanDetrick
  9. Caseynotes

    Potential 'Long' Gold Trade

    So the logic of the short trade idea was good (see my posts above) but it didn't pan out and serves to highlight the difference between investors and speculators. To recap, the idea was that the sharp rise from Tuesday onward was due to speculators entering the market betting on a dovish FOMC minutes release driving price up to resistance where they would exit causing a correction down (sell at 1360 - stop loss at 1380). But the minutes were more hawkish than expected so the speculators abandoned their positions immediately hence the drop back down to near the Tuesday morning level. The investors are not selling and quite right too, the sellers are the speculators who got in on Tuesday looking for a short term gain.
  10. Caseynotes


    EU PMIs point to GDP growth of just 0.1%. https://www.markiteconomics.com/Public/Home/PressRelease/e9139d7e204145399559112c7048fad7?hootPostID=e04259bf981997615aa67559ff8ebbc1
  11. Caseynotes


    German manu PMI goes deeper into contraction while EU manu PMI also drops below 50.
  12. Hi @Sylv, IG say their MT4 download won't run on Mac but there are other brokers who's MT4 will (google search), also I think Metatrader themselves do a Mac version. Once downloaded its just a case of changing the feed to the IG live and demo feed from the 'open an account' tab in the 'File' panel. Click on 'add new broker' and fill in the IG details as per pic below.
  13. Caseynotes

    Contracts Limited

    ESMA banned binaries in the EU last year though they are still available in many other countries, Australia having the greater number of users.
  14. Caseynotes


    Dow sidles up to the all important early December high before the big Dec drop, Dax poised to tackle resistance of it's own though keep an eye on the EU and Ger PMIs 8:15 - 8:30. Ftse and Nikkei look well positioned to continue onward and upward. US Durable goods at 1:30. Daily charts;
  15. Caseynotes

    Potential 'Long' Gold Trade

    FOMC minutes more hawkish than expected, speculative longs bailing out.