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  1. Hi, no you won't be closed out until your loses are eating into the margin requirement for combined trades. see this thread.
  2. The Stasi raiding birthday parties now while NZ sets up concentration camps ... Meanwhile attention is finally being drawn to the total disparity between CASES CASES CASES and actual deaths ... But Flu and Pneumonia no longer exist, everything is now COVID ... Flu cases ‘drop’ 95% compared to last year. Are patients being misdiagnosed as having COVID-19? https://noqreport.com/2020/10/19/flu-cases-drop-95-compared-to-last-year-are-patients-being-misdiagnosed-as-having-covid-19/ And you thought you were living in a free modern western democracy ha ha.
  3. This ... to generate enough fear and despair to ensure this ... which is essentially a loss of national sovereignty and a loss of personal freedoms and liberties. In the future Google will tell you what's true or not, Zuckerberg will tell you what you're allowed to say or not, Greta will tell you what you're allowed to do or not while Gates will tell you which medical interventions and treatments will be mandatory or not. Meanwhile back to Sweden ... While in Wales you can look but you can't buy (this is what stupidity looks like) ...
  4. New leverage caps announced by the Australian regulator. https://theforexreview.com/2020/10/23/australias-asic-announces-leverage-cap-negative-balance-protection/ - 1:30 leverage for CFDs on major currency pairs made of Australian, Canadian or US dollar, British pound, euro, Japanese yen and Swiss franc - 1:20 leverage for CFDs on minor currency pairs made of any currency pairs excluding the major currency pairs, gold or a major stock market index, for example, CAC 40, DAX, Dow Jones Industrial, etc. - 1:10 for CFDs on commodity or minor stock market index - 1:5 for CFDs on shares and other assets; - 1:2 for CFDs on crypto-assets
  5. missing the point, doesn't matter what indicators you choose, if a macd crossover aligning with a new moon shows a positive expectancy on testing then great. ps, if you are on demo you are not making any money.
  6. TA is less about blindly adhering to some textbook chart formations and more about seeking context. Trading Composure @TradingComposure Charts do NOT predict prices. No form of TA predicts prices. Charts suggest the path of least resistance Charts provide a means to determine the risk of a trade Charts offer help in timing Charts offer POSSIBILITIES, not probabilities and certainly not certainties Peter Brandt @PeterLBrandt Finding and combing indicators to give entry signals with a positive expectancy for your preferred market and time frame takes experimentation and testing. The Trading Rush videos showed backtests of basic trading plans, below is more about building your own. https://nononsensetrader.com/how-to-backtest/
  7. If you listened to the BBC etc you would be under the impression Sweden was about to start lockdowns, usual BBC misinformation. In fact Sweden just opened up to groups of 300 (churches, etc) and over 70s to reintegrate into society. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/sweden/
  8. if you're not sure whether to take a trade or not instead of consulting your plan just toss a coin 🤪
  9. I've already spoken at length about demo, the point being is it's not live, nothing really matters. Once you've tested your strategy and it's working on demo then the progression is to see if it will work live (are the rules sound and can you stick to them). The progression is part of the learning process, there is no point in spending years and years in the 5th grade repeating the same lessons over and over. 20 trades back test 20 trades demo 20 trades live on min position size .... does it (and you) still work? if not work out why, make alterations and go back to the start and try again.
  10. how long are you planing to stay back on demo this time?
  11. Dax open test of support at the daily pivot;
  12. A/ who cares. B/ it is Williams %R, that's why it's got %R stamped on it 🤪
  13. Ah, the toxic troll is back so more of the usual baiting and flaming to look forward to.
  14. Dax bounce up off S2 now looking to do the same off S1. H1 chart;
  15. Axia Futures mentoring video on waiting for a setup.