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  1. Trump is up and tweeting, this time taking a broad swipe at Amazon.
  2. Caseynotes

    New AUD/JPY margin after ESMA

    Don't worry @cate, by this time next week all these problems today will seem like the good times. #ESMA countdown.
  3. HI @Kazeko & senor, I did see that the spread had come way down just 15 minutes after the original post, the yellow font is a sign but I don't know what it means, whatever it signifies it didn't apply to amazon or apple at the time. They all have a green dot though.
  4. Caseynotes

    Price delayed on charts

    Hi @Trader126 I have seen something like that before on third party platforms when there has been a temporary disconnect from IG, very rare and only lasting a few seconds, but not to my recollection on the IG platform though could happen I suppose, presume back to normal now.
  5. Caseynotes


    Trendline up from March low trying to save the day. Daily chart;
  6. So difficult to predict this one @247trader, as is subject to buffering from all directions at anytime. One interesting thing I did read recently was the possibility of a retest of 1.2000 on the confirmation of a no deal Brexit as that was the original calculation on UK leaving the EU after the referendum.
  7. Caseynotes

    VWAP Indicator

    Hi @Aydin H, VWAP is not available on the web platform but was added to the IG version of Prorealtime with the arrival of version 10.3 in Feb 2017, but at that time there was no volume for currencies so VWAP did not work on currency charts, that may have changed as I have not used PRT for a while now. There are downloadable VWAP indicators available for the MT4 platform.
  8. Caseynotes


    Meant to add this report I read this morning but couldn't find it again. Relays how Beijing is being unusually cautious this time round (China only imports $130 Billion of US goods). https://www.scmp.com/news/china/economy/article/2156349/why-beijing-unusually-muted-donald-trumps-latest-us500-billion
  9. Nice research piece testing 3 basic stock trading strategies published today by JB Marwood. 1. The Overnight Dump Strategy (Netflix) 2. Micro Stocks Mean Reversion Strategy 3. Simple Pullback For Futures https://jbmarwood.com/technical-trading-strategies/
  10. Caseynotes


    The indices are searching for support but we may well be getting close to the end game here as Trump threatens to go 'all in' with a tariff on the remaining imported goods from China ($500 Billion). Chinese can't respond in kind and have started to talk of a boycott instead, time to do a deal? 4 Hour charts;
  11. @PandaFace is right @Ben S, you will likely to get a more informed response re coding issues on the PRT coding forum. See the link to the forum in the top line of their homepage here; https://www.prorealcode.com/
  12. Hi @JohnWoottonUK & @PandaFace, Don't know too much about him or this Dow strategy. He does get a hat tip from Bill Bonner who I have followed for years. I was wondering where you found the strategy John and if you have done his 4 day course in the first link below? Panda, Eoin Treacy's book Crowd Money could be a contender for your tread on books (2nd link). http://www.tradingtriggers.co.uk/ http://systemsfortraders.com/forums/topic/crowd-money-review-eoin-treacy/
  13. I should qualify that a bit more, only those with a live account can post on the forum (see pic) was the requirement at the start but not sure if that still stands.
  14. Caseynotes

    Price delayed on charts

    Hi @Trader126, I suspect this may have something to do with IG suddenly being unable to give level 1 or derived prices and having to fall back on delayed prices, assuming you were looking at equity markets. I'm not sure why that would be, a sudden dramatic change in liquidity perhaps. (see screenshot and link) https://www.ig.com/uk/pricing-execution
  15. HI, I'm pretty sure the community is only accessible to live account holders so that is probably why.