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  1. Tried to call 3 times this morning, selected option 1, wait for a few minutes , continually being told my call is important to them! , then I get cut off its like somone it manually hanging up calls, its one way to reduce call in queue but misses the point about being a helpdesk. Whats going on.
  2. not getting any update on any time scale now. This is costing us a fortune not being able to react. I didn't realise when they put the usual disclaimer about losing money it was because of their own system that causes the problem. Not the actual market A shambles of a company
  3. looks like they are still having problems, charts still revert back to 5 minutes. I wouldn't recommend IG to anyone.
  4. I have resorted to using sharepad system as a backup, purely to do with the flakeyness of the IG system.
  5. Has this been raised with the support team. Deafening silence from those peeps
  6. I'm seeing the same problem , all timescales default to 5 minutes, I also lost the tick for at least a week (on more than 1 browser), when you contact support they just say its working okay on their systems (of course it does) the overall system just seems flakey. Come on IG sort this mess out. You are costing us money
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