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  1. yeah that would make sense but £1 lol! that is either really **** liquidity or platform problems. that's really interesting, thanks for letting us know. Im going to see how it goes.
  2. the fact that you mentioned you had to retry once means this is something that happens often. There was a time it never happened and then started to randomly happen but certainly shouldn't happen with a small size like £1/ per pip . I'll try with google chrome. but i'm looking elsewhere too. will update.
  3. Its just happened on the dax now. same £1 sell, price is static but says price is moving. Tried 4 times. Im going to start looking for another broker now.
  4. I have just tried to put on a sell position on usdjpy now, 13:17 24/6/20 and 3 times it says position not filled due to price movements. This is usdjpy we're talking about, its London lunchtime period and I haven't ben filled. The market was not moving, the position size was £1/ pip. What kind of liquidity providers are you using where I cant even put on £1 a position on a slow moving pair?! What will happen if I try a larger position?!?! I've noticed this a few times now. Does anyone else use another broker too because this is just unacceptable.
  5. They should be able to work it out and give a definitive answer for any given time and say itll change. It would give me a rough idea. Having a complex calculation is not my problem, I certainly dont sympathise with anyone. If they cant work it out, simplify it.
  6. That reply by Matt Steven's after 5 days was complete rubbish. He should be ashamed!
  7. Lol yeah it looks like they didnt get their answer either. Can anyone from ig just tell me directly what the overnight charge is for both gold and us crude at 100 per pip? That way I'll get a rough idea of how much you charge. Or share with me the formula so I can work it out. Thanks
  8. What does that mean? I meant how much actually in figures is it.
  9. Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the daily overnight charge for gold and us crude for £100 per pip? Thanks
  10. Honestly it's very common with ig index for orders to be rejected. And by the time it accepts, the markets has moved. Not even with big amounts. I've been rejected with 50p per pip at non volatile and volatile times. The execution leaves a lot to be desired. Compare with other brokers and you'll see the difference.
  11. James you didn't correct me on the above reply. I've just been told when you are short it's the bid price you should be looking at. Please recheck this and reply with the correct answer. You should not allow people to give wrong advice to others. Thanks
  12. Spotify could be a good buy. Its valued less than its worth and has just released good expectations. Lets see how the ipo does.
  13. When you go short then it's the ask that you should look at to see if it hit your stop.
  14. I dont know about the above analysis. you buy at 8500 with stop at 4500 then risk reward is 1:1 which I would not advise any trader to take. I'm not a big fan of buying dips in a massive sell off like now. They can call it a correction but people are taking profits, selling and not re investing at present. At this stage the driving force has to be good fundamental news. Waiting in the sidelines until you can see buyers come in might be more helpful.
  15. Yep that is the worry. If the trend changes just sell and wait. Sitting in cash is also a position.
  16. James could you clarify. I had to call ig at that time. You can close it if that is the only position you have but if you are already long then you cant close it as you would be overall more long (buy to close the sell). Maybe you could use a stop loss.... but they are far from the market price so you'll give a lot of profit back anyway.
  17. Ps. All the comments are just people's views or opinions but remember that is what the market is- just a collection if views. So the more of us who get involved in commenting in this community the more opinions we'll get and ultimately learn more.
  18. Its going to difficult to call the direction now. There was a lot of buying from 7 to $800 so will have to see what those people do. Will they hold or will they sell. Shorting this market was a good idea and probably still is but you don't want to get caught out in a period of being unlongable. If we didn't have that problem I would be short myself.
  19. If it sells below 10000 then the best advice would be to not hold long positions. Could have panic selling.
  20. So it's not a buy? You said it is and then it's not conclusive.
  21. I have only just seen ethers chart. To add to my earlier comment I would be weary about keeping hold of long positions unless they were bought very early on. And now ether has become unborrowable so you can not short the market. Likely because everyone is shorting and therefore ig has reached its risk limit. There is a chance price can keep dropping so you could be giving profits away and if you are stopped out then out with breakeven. Remember if people bought ether at lower prices away and price drops they'll sell or hold. Its unlikely that the majority will buy more especially while waiting for korea stance on cryptocurrency.
  22. I agree with oilfxpro. Doesn't look like it's set up for short. If it breaks 15200 and retraces and holds then could be a short.
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