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  1. I've gone long at 448.84 and already down by 215.5 pips. What on earth have I done? Stop the bleeding or hold? Daily interests aren't bad. The real question is hold for how long? Darn it.
  2. I couldn't agree more. A mate has brought me over from another platform as he proved to me that it was really good this spread beating! Today, we were both gutted and our initial thoughts were precisely that of your own. The rich can play the game and become even richer but the poor cannot! Rules made by the rich for the rich! It's appalling that someone thing it's acceptable to risk £4k+ for a return of £10 per pip!!! I for one will be trying to make as much ROI as I can till such rules come in to play. Once they do, I shall be closing down my account and moving somewh
  3. Hi all. I am new around here and still getting accustomed to the platform. I have just incurred a daily FX interest charge for 3 days EUR/GPB for £160.00. What on earth is this charge for? Any information on this is much appreciated. Thanks to all. P.S: Just got another charge for £388.22 for 3 day interest EUR/USD!!! What on earth? from where I'm standing IG are profiting from me more than I am making on my trades. I must be missing something surely!!! Albert Daily FX Interest for 3 day EUR/GBP
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