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  1. Is it safe to come out now?
  2. Retail traders get to fight over leftovers once the big piggies have filled their bellies.
  3. This is just buy the rumour, sell the news ... Think you have to be in Trump's inner circle to benefit from it.
  4. Massive swings and bearish candles forming on the hourly chart. Untradeable
  5. Maybe it's on the turn. A close above 50 SMA would be good. No 'catalysts' though. No 'compelling story' or 'castle in the air'.
  6. Why? Money comes out of U.S. treasuries and safe havens and into 'riskier things'. And isn't the Fed about to start pumping 'half a trillion' into the free-money trough that all the big banks have their snouts in ...
  7. According to Reuters, Trump did an about-face and said WSJ got it all wrong.
  8. Ah well, I've given up all that I made in the last day. Here's hoping the sell offs just now are just priming the pump for another push up.
  9. It's testing the pivot and going into oversold mode. If it can hold then will buy once RSI crosses above 30 😺
  10. Zut alors🐮🐴🥳👍 Hope the results at 13:30 are good. Can stay long for the rest of the year. Should have bought in at the start of the rally on boxing day last year. Would have had an amazing 2019.
  11. 'Gorgeous' George Osborne was there, and the camera caught him with his usual smug grin. You know, the privileged rich boy who has half a dozen cushty jobs - as if he wasn't rich enough already, by virtue of inherited wealth. Got to be careful what you wish for. England is heading back towards feudalism - lords and peasants!