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  1. Are we stupid for investing so much time, concentration and precious brainpower in learning TA when it is simply wrong most of the time? Aren't most professional technical analysts paid to provide analysis for traders, instead of actually trading their own money?
  2. How can you take advantage of swings when it takes time to see what manner of wave it is? (By which time, the price action will have come and gone.) I have a stack of books six feet high to read and study, my concentration and mental powers are fading as I get older and I have a job to go to. I don't know if I can manage
  3. Maybe it works for the big/institutional traders ... I doubt it works for the 'retail ****'.
  4. Reuters headline at 2pm on 15/08/19: Futures show markets headed for sharp fall on trade war deterioration fears! Reuters headline at 6pm on 15/08/19: Market rallies as trade war relations improve! I had a vague feeling that trading was a mug's game before, but with the passing of each day I'm starting to feel something like contempt and aversion to this stupidity.
  5. dmedin


    If it breaks down and stays below 170 the next support is at 24
  6. dmedin

    JD Sports

    Target of 550 then see where it goes from there.
  7. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/m/cb55a918-e3c3-3dd1-be79-d9db76903ca9/ss_boeing-delays-delivery-of.html I went in short prior to noticing that piece of news anyway. Target is around 29300, 100% retrace of the move up from Boxing Day last year.
  8. I think the drop could be coming to an end ...
  9. I read an article on this from Reuters yesterday, stating that the S&P 500 historically rallied for a few more months before dropping. Seems like the best thing is to step aside and find something safer to trade on?
  10. Most of us have missed the boat as far as gold is concerned. It's too obvious of a buy right now, there's too much interest in it, and the big players have the threat of shaking down new longs to keep anyone sensible from getting in long at this point.
  11. The prospect of buying back all those shares on the cheap must be delicious.
  12. It's drifting down towards $300 with little momentum and small volume. I won't trade it because all it takes is one comment from Trump and the price is likely to spike higher at any moment.
  13. dmedin

    JD Sports

    Haha, JD Sports is the exact inverse of Sports Direct in terms of share price. JD Sports is probably one to be looking at going long on, but at a better price.
  14. Retail investors are the bottom feeders who feed off the dregs... ­čść
  15. You called it - it was a shakedown by the big sharks to take out all the 'little fishes'. Why invest when you can manipulate?