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  1. So you're a medical expert as well. Aren't you a clever d!ck?
  2. Blah blah blah What about your trades?
  3. Go on then, tell us about your trades today.
  4. So you scalp on short time frames, good that you can do that - in my experience it is a complete disaster and there's general agreement (as far as I can tell) that it is by far the riskiest and hardest way of trading. And if you're doing minimum bet size, 20 or 30 points in your favour isn't even worth the hassle.
  5. No wonder so many 'successful traders' make their money from selling training courses
  6. No jobs left in the UK - you're all on your own while BoJo plots out his lucrative career https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-health-coronavirus-britain-retail/british-high-street-reeling-as-another-5000-jobs-go-idUKKBN24A1WO
  7. Time to give up on the indices? The recovery is probably over for now. Just 'months of sideways price action' and losing money to look forward to https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/stocks-slide-us-finalizing-federal-contract-ban-companies-using-products-5-chinese-tech
  8. Indices dropping in a big way at the U.S. open