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  1. Both gold and silver are taking off right now.
  2. @Mercury I really enjoy your charts. Do you find EWT helps you to predict the next swing? I have to admit that I find all the nested As and Bs quite bewildering. (But that's a limitation of my brain...)
  3. Some securities such as gold and silver say 'no volume is available' in PRT, but the tick volume is available on the HTML5 platform. Volume/tick volume is important to me, is there any way to see this in PRT?
  4. An IG rep personally phones every new sign-up, BTW. For example, a couple of hours after I signed up someone phoned me and I told them I was interested in U.S. shares and they directed me to fill out the relevant form for U.S. shares. This was actually quite helpful and they also sent me links to get started on the platform. I'm glad they didn't keep phoning me and try to get me to deal - I appreciate being left to do my own thing and ask for help when I want it.
  5. I am kicking myself for not trading the breakout of gold now My thinking now is that I'd like to see 1346 established as support and go long from there. It's pretty obvious (now, with benefit of hindsight) that the May selloff on the indices was a relatively shallow retracement of an uptrend, so gold will probably be stuck in the doldrums again for some time.
  6. That's something I noticed when I was trying to trade on 5 - 15 min charts on stocks, using the 'Day trading for a living' approach. The spread can become enormous, meaning that you cannot make a profit this way. I believe that that approach (i.e. making money on individual stocks in short time frames) is only viable for people using a U.S.-type system where they are actually buying and selling shares, even though temporarily. With spread betting you can make money, just not enough money to replace the 'day job'.
  7. You reckon you could make a living out of something this risky? It all sounds a lot like BS to me.
  8. I'm still losing money hand over fist with 'day trading'. What a load of utter nonsense ... I guess it really IS for fools!
  9. In my experience, day trading is the quickest and easiest way to lose a LOT of money.
  10. It was indeed 'strange'. Trading sideways. Lots of opportunity to lose money.
  11. If by 'blue sky' you mean functionality that is already implemented and included on other platforms ... Even Forex Factory is better than what IG has at the moment, which takes forever to get updated with the actual results.
  12. dmedin

    Silver Bullet

    Do you now think there has been a true breakout for gold? This supposed 'long overdue retracement' sure is becoming long overdue.
  13. dmedin

    Silver Bullet

    Could you provide the source of this info? Thanks ...
  14. Another day, try again. I am still holding faith that trading can be learned in the same way as a skilled profession like a mechanic. It suits my personality and I enjoy it, except when I lose money. So that's almost every day Today I am trying the pivot points. They look promising. Something I have always had problems with is choosing support and resistance lines. I end up with too many and get confused. RealTimePro offers to automatically draw strong and weaker support and resistance lines for you, but I turned on the pivot point indicator in the HTML5 platform and it looks good. Does the work for me ... great!