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  1. Socialism is a good and indispensable thing, just ask the banks and the corporations who live on government bailouts, tax breaks, subsidies and endless amounts of free money provided by the central banks. They literally couldn't survive without it
  2. Remember, when there are tens of millions out of work, there's no money to lend ... at least we have 'liberty' (the liberty to be impoverished, homeless and destitute that is). Ah, Ludwig von Mises, what a genius
  3. Looks like slow and choppy sideways action now, in other words no money to be made from intra-day trading but plenty of money to be lost (the 80%). Need to find something else to focus on.
  4. The West's economy is very fragile in that case ... China is in a far more enviable position, even Russia.
  5. A 38% retrace before downtrend resumes? 🤔🐻
  6. GO SHORT, Gandalf 😱🤖
  7. That's like taking a long train journey, but getting off at every stop along the way and hoping the next train you get on keeps going in the same direction. Inefficient and full of unnecessary risk.
  8. Only if it keeps going in the direction you bet on. 🤣
  9. Confess, lest ye perish into everlasting hellfire.
  10. The souls of men shall be tried in the fire, like fine silver.
  11. Another day of heavy losses. Markets are definitely back to normal
  12. Is it turning around, Peregrin Took? 🤠