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  1. Let's have a wee shoogle on the Germans 🤓🐻
  2. Trading is too difficult. I'd rather just sit back and make 15 - 16% a year doing nothing in an S&P 500 ETF 😘
  3. Got stopped out but it went in our favour afterwards 😢
  4. Let's try a wee short on the FTSE 100 toots 😘
  5. Look at where the Nasdaq found support, Geoffrey. Isn't it curious? 🤓
  6. I'm already getting the 'itch' to go back into live trading, but I won't do it! After the U.S. election results I might start putting £500 a month into the S&P 500 ETF tracker again though. After all the S&P 500 only ever goes up 😘
  7. I closed my position (even although I'm trading in demo), because it's not ideal to keep a spot contract open for that long. Since I'm bullish I should probably open a future instead. (An option might be the best 'option' haha) Here we go, it's consolidating at 50% and the tedious moving averages are lining up into the proper order (price > 20 SMA > 50 SMA > 200 SMA)
  8. The FTSE 100 has been bouncing off that downward sloping line. I wonder how far it will go. 5714 as least.
  9. How much more gas? 🤯💨
  10. Selling pressure building up on Nasdaq? Must be because no one is buying until after the election.
  11. There's an RSI divergence and an impending MACD crossover to consider first.
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