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  1. Anyone know of spreadbetting providers from Canada or Australia (where it is legal)? I ultimately will need to make a decision between regulation and safety of deposits over maximising the return from my strategy. Quickly searched for non EU domiciled spreadbetting companies but I'm struggling to find one. Seems like it could be a gold mine for someone to set up a non EU domiciled spreadbetting company that is regulated and run in a non pirate way!
  2. I’ve traded for a reasonable period now with a high leverage against the deposits I hold. I have had moderate success. I understand the risk that comes with my trading and accept that irreversible losses (although unlikely) are possible. With this in mind I will no longer be able to trade in the manner I would like. Thus I am going to be forced to look for non EU spread betting companies that do not have to comply with these restrictions. It appears IG will suffer as people who employ an arbitrage style trading like I do will no longer be able to work under these constraints. I understand why the restrictions have been brought into place but it seems it’s to protect the buffoons against themselves. Alongside this they will Restrict the thoughtful, strategic high frequency/arbitrage trader and drive business away from EU domiciled trading firms. I would love to stay with IG and I’m sure they would love to keep my business as my style provides a heck of a lot of commissions for the company. However it seems unlikely once these restrictions come into play in July