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  1. Thanks @JamesIG looks like a very interesting solution. Agree it doesn't meet my requirements fully at this stage, but I will monitor closely as the offering expands. Great work on the new offering.
  2. Thanks @Caseynotes that was extremely helpful. Looks like my trading can continue on!
  3. I have been an IG customer for quite sometime (7+ years) and trade a diversified long-term trend following strategy using spread-bet products. The new ESMA ruling has basically removed my ability to trade some of the bond and interest rate spread-bet products as the margin requirement on these , if you are trading a volatility targeted strategy as I am has become ridiculous! I wonder if it is possible for IG to offer exactly the same products (spreadbets at the pre ESMA margin levels) via their Australian or Swiss brokerages e,g $1AUD per point. Although the no CGT is a bonus it is not the reason I trade spreadbet contracts against CFDs, it is because of the smaller position sizes I can hold. Just a thought...