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  1. Hi, Does anyone know a scanner where I can find out post/pre market price moves for UK stocks please? Preferably free or reasonably cheap! Having a 20 min delay is fine. Thanks very much David
  2. Hello, Can anyone recommend a free pre-market scanner please? I used to use Trade Ideas which has stopped showing premarket info for me now.. Thanks very much D
  3. Thanks for the response @DSchenk I finish work at 4pm so I wasn't able to check through pre market and trade today but I will try and have a look at the pre market through Trade Ideas tomorrow. I had a few trades on smaller stocks after work and ended up breaking even. Could of come out with a small profit early on but kept trading, got in a bit of a mess and had to trade my way out. Happy with break even. Traded, CHH, PG&E, OLLI Checked out the video too, thanks very much, very clear..
  4. Thanks for posting this. I've been following warrior trading, and using IG spread betting for a while, but could often not trade the same stocks Ross does on IG, as you guys mentioned before, so have mainly been trading indexes so interesting to read! @DSchenk Have you found you can use trade ideas on demo account to find gappers pre-market, and momentum stocks when in play please? New to trade ideas, but have been using Benzinga pre -market prep, stocktwits and Finviz to find potential stocks to trade.. Good work with the post, thanks
  5. I've had the same problem. It had started working again but just logged into IG now to find it has stopped working.. Will IG have this sorted anytime soon?
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