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  1. yeah. i have the same problem too.
  2. don't know what happen and suddenly pop up... and hang my safari. However, problem solved by restarting. 
  3. HI, can you add Heikin Ashi candle to your style list? thanks.
  4. currently available are: 1. economic news alert 2. indicator alert can you add a price alert for chart too? thanks. 
  5. Im using safari browser and i use chart to do my analysis. when i click on icon to save as picture, the browser hangs. im using macbook air (mid 2013)
  6. The basic IG charts are good.. However, it is using adobe flash. When i opened out a few charts, my laptop slowed to a crawl .. wonder if there are any plans to migrate to a better platform that is lighter on the resources?
  7. Hi, I dont not see an item "advanced charts" in my web platform. 
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