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  1. Hi I wanted to change the password of my SkyTrader account and when I click on Passwords it takes me to my IG dashboard? I can't recall when I opened this profile if I accessed it via IG and that associated password or whether I set up an individual password? How do I change the SkyTrader password? Thanks.
  2. I have traded £/$ option for a few years but wondered if anyone can tell me why IG option prices fed from UBS Bank have drastically departed from the Black Scholes Pricing model recently, which it used to conform with? Whilst this is an OTC mkt IG have informed me in the past that they "follow" BSM pricing, which they used to do by and large but now:. Example: £/$ Sept 13100's: Call Option mid: 31. Put Option 510. BSM pricing model price on £/$ Sept 13100's: Call Option 71 Put Option 343. Thanks.
  3. IG used to work well on Safari Browser. I've been told to use Chrome, but that is a memory hog on my brand-new MacBook Pro as it was on my old MacBook Pro. Instead I have to put up with this annoying intrusive pop up errror (pls see image) that seem to appear on an hourly basis and every time I come back to the computer and wake it. These multiple live IG annoying pop-ups, cover my profit and loss numbers and I have to DELETE EVERY SINGLE POP UP. Can they be de-activated anywhere on the platform? Cheers.
  4. Hi, I was wondering why, on my iPhone, where I have notifications set to on (yrs ago), why I am now starting to see the “1” on the top right of the IG app on my phone screen every day? When I login where am I meant to go to get rid of that one “1?” Because I login check my watchlist et cetera but the one remains after I quit IG. Are they generated when the banners appear at the bottom of your screen saying Silver’s gone out 0.5% for example, is that the source of the notification and if so how do you actually turn it off once you open the app? Cheers
  5. Thanks for the links, but can you get historical data as I think this is referring to live data, right?
  6. Hi there, I was wondering is it possible to get the historical options data including the Greeks for forex pairs like the £/$ through the IG API? Or is there any other source of data elsewhere that anyone could recommend? The goal is to work out (historically, eg for the last 10 yrs) where the "sweet spot" is of how much open losses to hold onto as a Short Seller versus that amount of premiums earnt. For example selling Strangles (Short Put and Short Call) might historically show that the most suitable place to exit the position on an historical basis is when the typical max adverse excursion is $400 on the challenged and losing leg and that letting that losing leg go beyond this level ($400 loss) typically doesn't result in the option coming back and expiring worthless. Thanks for any feedback Best Ian
  7. Please can you put price alerts on the options charts? Given their volatility you'd have thought that if any chart needed an alert, its options. Thanks.
  8. Dear IG, I've researched what's on "offer" in the UK in terms of options Trading platforms and there really isn't much competition. IG/PRT are definitely ahead, (although Saxo Bank has a reasonable and complex platform but with no Option Charts and Interactive Brokers have needlessly over complicated theirs). Are there any plans to expand upon what's available for Option traders or to launch a new all in one Option Trading Platform (like Ameritrade's)? I appreciate PRT also has Option Charts and Option Chains displaying IV, Delta and the Greeks but it'd be nice to have a one stop platform so I don't have to go to or use lots of other resources like online or in Excel: POP probability calculators/"Moneyness" Probability Percentages, Volatility Smiles, Risk/Reward Tables, Strategy Builders and Optimisers, IV Structure Charts for different Contract Lengths, Probability Cones, Put/Call Ratios, Open Interest, Black Scholes Calculator, Are there any plans by IG to expand on what they currently offer as fat as Options trading goes? Cheers Bard.
  9. Tired of the endless battles with your s/ware. Tired of the endless changes that invariable make the experience worse. What is going on? I can no longer see my balance in Safari and when I refreshed a window (rhs) it now has no template and I cannot even pull up the Apply menu for "save as/apply/delete" - it's totally unresponsive and all I have is a chart with candles ticks and no on chart and below chart indicators. Tired of logging in on one window and never knowing if I'll get "go to platform" on the other 4 windows or not and have to log in separately. Tired of doing any changes that then REFRESH ALL the other windows. Tired of the long phone waits to get through to support. Apple have stated for the record Chrome is a memory hog. My activity app confirms this as since downloading it yesterday it's using 52% CPU for one of the 5 windows and 39% for the other --->>> RIDICULOUS. I have to have my Havit cooler fan turned on help cool this top of the range Macbook Pro as the fans are RACING. So please tell me why you don’t cater to the biggest computer company in the world aka Apple? Tell me what's so good about those criminals at Google who have developed the most sophisticated piece of spyware the internet has ever seen? IG used to be a great company but I have already set up accounts with Saxo broker and may pull the plug after 10 years.
  10. Is anyone else as sick to death of these markets now, since the days before the 2008 crash? We don't have free markets and price discovery. We have a centrally planned ponzi scheme with the market completely at the mercy and whims of policy statements from these a-hole bankers . We have idiotic Trump tweets along with clowns like Boris Johnson announcing proudly that he's "turbocharging preparations for a no deal brexit," -- which crashed the £ only for it to rally on platitudes offered my Merkel and Rotschild (sic) puppetician Macron. This is not captialism. This is communism.
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