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  1. How do I get MACD directly onto my chart as opposed to it being under the chart?
  2. Apologies I obviously didn't check it. Yes, both accounts are IG. My objective is to have a joint a/c. I am quite elderly so by having a joint account she can then take it over when I move on to a happier place.
  3. I have written to IB but no reply! My daughter has an active Spread Bet a/c. I have an active CFD a/c. Do I have to change my a/c to a Spread Bet a/c. What do I have to do in understandable steps:- 1. 2. 3.......
  4. Thanks for your speedy reply. If I buy/sell at a price 1.0000, size £1. At what price price would I get a belated margin call. I am trying to find out what the length of that spike (in pips) would have to be relative to the account size and trade size. At the moment I have a Demo a/c and a month ago I inadvertently increased the capital to £999.999.00. As you probably know a few weeks ago there was a larger than normal spike and I wasn't stopped out. This is why I am now trying to understand why.
  5. I am trying to get to grips with stop loss. My account is £2,500. I buy/sell at 1.0000 with no stop loss. I trade at a size of £5. At what point would I be stopped out if there was a large spike? If my trade size was £1 would this be 5 times more?
  6. Can I hold a second Demo account?
  7. I am new to Forex and as yet only have a Demo a/c. I am also wanting to trade on a weekly time frame and possibly monthly. What would the charges be if my trade was in the market for 6 weeks. Also what if I left a monthly time frame in for 6 months.
  8. Thanks James for your speedy reply but I'm not yet into spread betting. I am interested in weekly and monthly trading in the Forex market. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. At the moment I have a demo a/c that I haven't as yet used. I am in the process of learning but to start with I am only interested to trading weekly and monthly. (limited time) I haven't found a lot of information on YouTube or the internet. Can any of you point me in the right direction. I am also a little confused as to the fees payable for such trades. Any information would be greatly appreciated.