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  1. Dont worry - ive figured it out. Its the difference between the two closing values
  2. Hi Anyone know how IG calculates its momentum indicator. The parameter is presumably the look back period but what calculation do they perform to get the value? Thanks
  3. Hi Andy, thankfully it seems to be working again for me this morning. I run two servers and the REST API failed on both at 8:25 last night and I couldn't get back in until after the market close. Hopefully it will be ok now. btw for my streaming API i just use IGs own example code - IG has acknolwedged there is a problem since early May but I am using Excelpricefeed now for that. Cheers David
  4. So now I have a problem with the REST API FFS. The streaming API has been broken since mid May and is still not working but I’ve worked around that by subscribing to ExcelAPI. Now the REST API is erroring too so starting to lose the will to live with IG now - I’ll go through the motion with IG support tomorrow but getting close to chucking in 2 years work trying to work with IG on this as no doubt will get the normal bland response. Been a customer of IG for over 10years and getting close to closing the account and writing to the CEO to explain my frustration…..
  5. Hi, I had a message from IG about two weeks ago saying it had been fixed but it wasn’t ! They replied it was their mistake and that it should be sorted soon. Tbh I stopped chasing it a long time ago as the support is not fit for purpose (3+ months not working is not a credible service) and have moved onto another solution
  6. Been sent a second satisfaction survey re this issue. Was a tad scathing 3weeks ago when I replied to the last one and got zilch follow up though suggested I might if I wasn’t happy. If I got the energy I’ll reply again. At least it builds a record for when I get round to messaging the CEO
  7. Received this reply from IG yesterday: " The incident is still sitting with the developer teams and we have not yet received a major progressive update from their end , except for them still working on it. As one of the affected clients who is documented on the ongoing case , we will send an update once the is a resolution. " So it looks like we are no further forward re a resolution for this. "Still working on this" seems to be the only status I am ever able to get on a live issue
  8. Yeah the companion works for me too - but that is more of a test harness and not usable in the real world. It seems their Excel demo code which I take as the defintion of whether it is working has a different streaming implementation. I have a workaround thanks to Andrews excel addin but the lack of responsivness and support from IG is making me think about whether I can afford to commit to IG long term - but I dont have a good alternative atm. And I am running W10 - have been for several years and the API has been generally fine on a daily basis
  9. Hi, not sure as dont know anything about your script but the IG lightstreamer login is still erroring after 5 weeks for me. I have heard nothing from them about 3 weeks (after it had been escalated as a priority - lol) so messaged IG last week and had no further reply. I can only draw the conclusion that they are not that bothered and don't really care. Am minded to message the CEO now as have her contact details - maybe that will get some attention as people near the top usually have a more business and customer orientation if they are any good. btw my demo access to the API stopped working in January - i did chase at the time but never got a solution (or much of a response) - kind of given up with that now as am only prepared to put so much effort into this platform
  10. Streaming API still not functional through IGs own demo example. Cant believe much will happen this week now. So that is nearly 3 weeks that it's had a problem. Anyone on IG reading these posts? I was told this had been escalated as a priority nearly a week ago now and there has been silence since.....
  11. Had a bit of a go at the support team today as Ive had 4 support team staff telling me they'd keep an eye on things over the last 2 week and get back to me and none of them did, plus a lot of nonsense inbetween. So i got slightly more back as a result of my rant... "Our IT support is running the necessary tests, what we have learned is that the issue is not a network issue. So the team is re-investigating to find the cause and remedy the issue as soon as possible." Im not entirely sure what that means but it suggests they havent made a great deal of progress with it if they are still testing after nearly 2 weeks and haven't identified the cause. I'm not going to be holding my breath for a solution. Been with IG 10+ years and invested 2 years working with the API and the lack of responsiveness/urgency is starting to grate now.... Andy's addin could provide a (short term) solution but i think i have to force myself to look at other solutions now as I have lost confidence in IG supporting this effectively - i need a very solid alternative it seems. If IG read these threads you can see I not a terribly happy customer....
  12. I spoke to IG yesterday and they tell me that its been escalated now but getting any status or update beyond "we are working on it" is impossible. I've been promised an update today but then this is the 4th time ive been promised an update and noone ever came back so not holding my breath. Ive asked to speak to someone more senior and noone is available and when I ask them to call me when they are, noone gets back. Not great. I am inclined to email the CEO as I have her email address if it keeps going on like this. Looks like going to lose 2 weeks minimum trading due to this, so pretty poor. I am playing around with Andy's plugin (see earlier post) that looks like it could work for me - this seems to be streaming prices OK atm. The IG REST API still works so its a case of turning off all the calls to the IG streaming API and replacing it with this.
  13. Hi Andy Just realised you are from Excel Price Feed. If you say your streaming is still working ill give the demo a go. I find with the IG solution that the less you feed the faster and more reliable it is so if I just wanted to stream say the Nasdaq bid price with your solution id experience similar. Thanks David
  14. Hi Andy Thanks for the post. Re the demo I contacted them earlier in the year - several times and eventually gave up! I can live without it. Interested in your comment re your excel add-in - so you say that is working still for you? Is that something you would be willing to share on an unsupported/no warranty basis. It's only the price streaming that isnt working from the IG solution and i only use a couple of indices. I will try IG once again today as their excel example is still not working for me this morning - day10! In the meantime i'll start looking at the alternative platform that another poster was kind to post. I've invested quite a lot of time in the IG API but the lack of response for a llive issue is cause for concern now. Thanks David
  15. Hi, no need to apologise - it was definitely worth a try. Just out of interest do you use 32 or 64 bit? I tried to follow up with IG this afternoon and got no further information. Someone said they would get back to me and noone did. That's the3rd time for this issue that has happened so not that impresssed. Will have to try again in the morning. Other than that i will have to mothball my IG account and go look at alternatives....
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