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  1. Good Morning @KoketsoIG and thank you for your response. I had a feeling this was the case but thank you for clarifying. Cheers Dean
  2. Hi KoketsolG Sure, when trading shares on the ASX the entry commission/fee equaled $5 in and $5 out. It now costs $8 in and $8 out. Thats a 60% increase, may I ask why and were we notified of this increase becasue I did not see any notification. Appreciate your help in advance.
  3. May I ask why I can't activate pro real time? I had it running fine then it just disappeared from my dashboard and now I can't even activate?
  4. Mojo66


    Thanks for the feed back guys. It was very appreciated.
  5. Mojo66


    Good Morning, May I ask your experience regarding support from the IG team? I tend to be left hanging on the phone for an hour + is this common?
  6. May I please ask what is the minimum $ amount I have to place in the CFD account to be able to short sell? And, Where can I find a list of the stocks available to short through IG. Appreciate your help in advance.
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