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  1. May I ask why I can't activate pro real time? I had it running fine then it just disappeared from my dashboard and now I can't even activate?
  2. Mojo66


    Thanks for the feed back guys. It was very appreciated.
  3. Mojo66


    Good Morning, May I ask your experience regarding support from the IG team? I tend to be left hanging on the phone for an hour + is this common?
  4. May I please ask what is the minimum $ amount I have to place in the CFD account to be able to short sell? And, Where can I find a list of the stocks available to short through IG. Appreciate your help in advance.
  5. I have found the graphs on the shares trading platform really clunky and it does not update well and seems to lag ... are any of you having this issue?
  6. Hi Caseynotes, Thanks for the help, I've registered and will download the platform when they give me the OK Cheers,
  7. Charts would not run, however I right clicked on the lock next to 'https: and set allow flash player, then refreshed page and now all good
  8. Hi All, I have access to the L2 abilities but can't seem to find where to activate this so I can watch during the day.
  9. Please help, I'm using google chrome and followed all the instructions and my charts still won't load?
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