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  1. UK Competition and Markets Authority have formally blocked the proposed £7.3 billion takeover of Asda by Sainsbury's causing the merger to collapse. Corporate earnings reports see European stocks set to open slightly higher. The FTSE 100 rising 9 points to 4780. Whereas Wall Street ended Wednesday's session lower following mixed US corporate results. Despite beating analysts expectations UBS reported a 27% fall in net profit for it's first quarter when compared to the same period the previous year. The net income reported came in at $1.1 billion compared to the $848 million expec
  2. Tiger Woods achieved his fifth Masters victory. The victory is worth around $22,500,000 to his sponsor Nike (according to Aprx Marketing data). Asian shares crept towards nine-month high after US treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin reported a positive outlook on trade talks. The Hang Seng rose 1.2% and the Nikkei climbed 1.4% to reach it's highest level in 2019. USD/JPY dips from 112.09 high this morning (following mid week rise last week). Volkswagen unveiled the ID Roomzz at the Shaghai Auto Show. The fully-electric SUV said to compete with Tesla's Model X should be avail
  3. Donald Tusk has proposed a 12-month "flexible" Brexit extension date which would allow the UK to leave once a deal has been approved with the 12 months. The proposal would first need to be approved at a summit next week. US-China trade talks have reached "new consensus" following yesterdays talks between Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and Trump. Could the end of the trade war be in sight? Trump has suggested that that question may be answered "over the next four weeks". Asian stocks saw a tepid incline following on from trade talk positivity. The Nikkei 225 rose 0.41% and the Topix i
  4. Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have announced formal merger talks which could result in the combined bank holding one fifth of Germany's High Street banking business. Asian shares rose despite reported potential push back of agreement to end trade war. The Hang Seng gained 1%, the Shanghai Composite surged 2.3% and Japan's Nikkei climbed 0.6%. Trump's weekend tweets ramped up the pressure on General Motors to reopen Ohio manufacturing plant which recent's closure cut 1,700 jobs. OneWeb a UK based space internet start-up has secured £940 million in funding to speed up plan t
  5. Trump is subject of large-scale investigation by the House Judiciary Committee who have sent requests for documents to 81 individuals. The investigation will look into alleged obstruction of Justice, corruption and potential abuses of power. Despite positive outlook of US and China trade war, as parties appear closer to reaching formal agreement, U.S stocks saw a downturn after positive opening. The S&P fell 0.4% to 2,792.62, The Dow tumbled 206.67 points to 25,819.65 and the Nasdaq closed 7,577.57 down 0.2%. Oil prices rose following trade talk news and potential further Rus
  6. Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold the first consumer available phone to feature a folding display. The new phone also comes with a $1,980 price tag. Barclays report full-year net profit of £1.4 billion for 2018, pulling back from 2017's significant losses. Theresa May reports positively about Brussels talks but is it too little too late after three Tory MPs quit the party to join an independent group yesterday. Google have stated that the omission of the Nest Guard home alarm featured microphone on tech spec was merely an "error", and that the microphone was not meant to b
  7. Ford announced plan to close a factory in Brazil, resulting in 2,800 job cuts. This follows as Ford pulls sale of heavy commercial trucks in South America. May will return to Brussels again in further attempt to reach conclusive agreement on the controversial Irish-backstop. Asian stocks saw a mixed session following similarly mixed U.S. trade talk reports. Whilst Trump commented positively on trade talks and it was reported that the U.S. is requesting China keep the yuan stable as part of the deal, Trump also hinted that March deadline was not a "magical date" and could be push
  8. Chinese markets were mixed during the Monday session after being offline for much of last week due to the Lunar New Year holiday. The Shanghai composite gained 0.8% whilst the Hang Send index rose 0.23%. However following Samsung electronic decline of 0.67% the Kospi remained slightly lower after promising recovery from earlier losses. Oil prices fell over 1% despite refinery fire in Illinois which resulted in shutdown of large crude distillation unit. International Brent Crude futures down 71 cents settling at $61.39 a barrel. US government shutdown could potentially reoccur as
  9. Facebook shares soared 12% after Earnings report of $2.38 per share crushed $2.19 expectation. Facebook's revenue forecast of $16.39 billion was also outdone coming it at a reported $16.91 billion Tesla shares fell 5% in after hours trading after disappointing earnings report of $1.93 per share. This came after a 3.8% share rise in the regular session pre-results. Microsoft also saw underwhelming results report. Despite beating earnings expectation of $1.09 by 1 cent per share, Microsoft missed $32.51 billion revenue expectation coming in at $32.47 billion. Subsequently the share
  10. May's Brexit deal rejected by 230 votes making may's defeat the biggest in UK history of sitting governments. The no vote saw the GBP rise 0.05% to $1.28. As a result of the landslide defeat May is to face vote of no confidence, the vote is expected to be held at 19:00 GMT. Asian Stocks saw a mixed reaction following the Brexit news. Japan's Nikkei 225 fell 0.55% to 20,442.75 and the Topix index followed suit falling by 0.32% to 1,537.77 whilst the Kospi rose 0.43% to 2,106.1. As US government shutdown continues Trump administration doubles estimates of the resulting cost. Th
  11. Yesterday saw further pessimism from corporate giants as the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Macy's Inc and BlackRock Inc cut profit forecasts. Geely Group halves 9.7% stake in Daimler AG. Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Group to buy Flybe for £2.2million after Flybe profit warning saw shares prices tumble in October 2018. A fall from which it hasn't recovered. Trump announced intention to bypass Congress by declaring a national emergency in order to fund wall. This comes as government shutdown reaches day 20. S&P 500 rose 0.4% yesterday resulting in first 5 day increase
  12. China's stock market leads 2018 losses with both major indexes, the Shanghai composite and the Shenzhen component each facing annual declines of over 24%. 2018 saw both Australia and Hong Kong's benchmark indexes face annual declines. The ASX 200 falling 6.9% compared to its 2017 closing, whilst the Hang Seng index saw around a 13% decline compared to 2017. China's manufacturing sector contracted for the first time in two years.. The official Purchasing Manager's Index reporting at 49.4, falling short of the 49.9 prediction. The ratification of the Comprehensive and Progres
  13. The U.S. Government has seen turmoil over the weekend after "Trump's Wall" disagreement on Friday resulted in a government shutdown. Trump will be bringing in the new year with new Defence Secretary. Patrick Shanahan will replace James Mattis on 1st January, earlier than expected. The end of the year sees further stock slumps, particularly for 2018 tech IPOs. Domo plummeting 25%, Zscaler tumbling 18% and Zurora and SurveyMonkey falling over 10% Asian Stocks saw a mixed Monday session with Samsung Electronics declining 0.13% and SK Hynix rising 0.83%. BMW is facing crim
  14. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stumped Theresa May's effort to renegotiate on a key Brexit withdrawal point, namely the Irish Backstop. China's reported industrial output and retail sales growth missed expectations. Industrial output growing by only 5.4% in November the slowest rate of increase in almost three years. Asian Stocks fell as China's economy shows weakening. Shares in Hong Kong and Japan led declines, Japan Topix index sliding 1.5% and Shanghai Composite falling 1.5% Apple to push software updates in attempt to resolve potential court ban of so
  15. Bitcoin hit year low falling below $3,500 after a 11% dive. Chip stocks in Europe and Asia tumbled after the arrest of Huawei CFO . AMS dived 7%, STMicroelectronics fell 4% and Dialog Semiconductor slid 3%. Dow rebounds after falling 780 points ending the day only slightly lower yesterday. 10-year Treasury yield fell to 2.83% amid stock sell-off compared to the beginning of the week where it was above 3%. Non-Farm payrolls today expected to have expanded by 198,00 in November. Oil prices fell, Brent Crude falling below $60 a barrel, trading at $59.50, down 0.9%.
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