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  1. GLEN is a bet on copper. If copper struggles to break it's decline then so could/should GLEN. If copper rebounds then GLEN should make you lots from here. You could follow that through and therefore say that a bet on GLEN is a bet on China (though that's slightly less direct). BHP should be safer longer term and be able to outlast almost everyone but is ultimately at the mercy of commodity prices which are anybody's guess at this moment in time for the future.
  2. Was a difficult one to call. Thought it would be worse than expected but the scale of how much was finger in the air time though. Still, an award is an award,
  3. AFPO now at 2.5p from the 0.3p tip......time for XTR to follow suit over the coming months (OK it will be tough to beat the over 700% rise but hopefully it'll still be at least a small portion of that)
  4. No. I'm particularly concerned by the weakness in all commodities although conversely if they go much further (to varying degrees) I think the potential is huge in many of them. AFPO played a blinder since I lasted tipped it and is double/triple the price already. Market was more generous than I expected though considering the climate so well done to the brave who held even longer. XTR has continued to perform extremely well operationally but as you say commodities are getting hammered. In their case gold and copper. Gold not doing well but a very slow decline compared to copper's nightmare. This is my biggest concern with this stock which I would otherwise be piling into. Undecided for now and a bit like oil at this exact moment (daily/hourly speaking in oil's case) I'm sitting on my hands.
  5. XTR - increasing profit/revenue. Big new projects already acquired and to be monetized. AFPO - deals now signed with COMESA for potash. Near term revenue now forecasted. Expect both to be significantly higher over the coming year.
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